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The Great Heist

Latest version1.0.1
Minimum Core0.0.0
Compatible Core1.0.0
Last updated6 months ago
Created1 year ago
Systems Dnd5e
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Want to pull off the greatest heist of your adventuring career?

The Great Heist is a Fifth Edition adventure optimised for three to six characters of 15th level. Full of treasure, blood, gold, and one pissed off law enforcer.

Now is a time for celebration, family and banding together to rob senselessly. Rich nobles, angry officers, terrifying monsters and phantasmagoric loot meet in this adventure. You’ll find Pages upon pages of pure Adventuring Goodness, full of possibilities and tension, this adventure will delight your players. On top of that it’s a high level adventure, which many don’t get to play often, perfect for trying that perfect rogue character you’ve been dreaming of.
It can be adapted to fit any campaign, so long as bag of holdings and thieves exist in your setting !


While the party is out and about, either in a tavern or simply traveling, they will be approached by Myles Mittens, a tabaxi thief with black fur and jittery demeanor. He asks them pointblank if they are adventurers. If they reply affirmatively, he'll say he has a business proposal. And he intends to pay handsomely. Just stay out of the way of the grim hunter, or you won't live to tell the tale.


MonkeyDM built all of these features and benefits into the adventure:

  • Custom Cartography. CzePeku designed these maps from scratch, for an awesome experience.
  • Unique Monsters & Boss. Each creature has its stat block and tokens loaded into the game, for you to run it faster.
  • Prepared Macros. Save time GMing, we've implemented custom macros for each monster to save you time rolling initiative and saving throws.
  • Set Dynamic Lighting. Experience all of the power held within Foundry with full dynamic lighting already laid out.
  • Epic setting. Thanks to its adaptable nature, this adventure fits into any setting, so long as bags of holding (or similar inter dimensional storage) are part of your world.

Quick Guide

System: DnD 5E
Starting Level: 15
Length: 3-5 hours
Sheet: DnD 5E

Bug and Technical Issue Reporting

If you encounter any bugs or technical issues with this adventure or any other MonkeyDM adventure, visit the Bug Report Page and let us know!

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6 months ago

I just bought this on Foundry to run as something easy between campaigns, but to be honest I’m not at all impressed. There’s no details of what they are stealing, past “some magic items and riches”, so when they reach the main point of the adventure and players start asking, there’s no details of what there is, anything it might look like, or art for anything.
Past this, there’s also no mechanics for players to help with the stealing, they’re expected to twiddle their thumbs while an NPC does it. There is a combat encounter for them to “keep busy”, but so badly balanced if judging by character level and CR it calculates as a trivial encounter.

The characters seem to take a background stance with the focus being on a CR1 NPC expected to lead them and have skills the characters don’t. Further to this, the most prominant NPC that the story revolves around is clearly described as a tabaxi, but the provided token is clearly an abyssal tiefling (and not one with disguise self or anything like that, it’s just not well thought out). The other tokens are also mis-matched, some with borders, others not, different art styles, and not representative of the creature they’re supposed to be.

Also, although the maps are nice, having the maker’s Patreon details in the corner taking up a 16×3 block of the grid (definitely not an insignificant amount) really takes away from the immersion for players. I would understand this on products provided free, but the module prominantly credits the creators, and it just doesn’t feel like value for money.

If this is updated from v1.0.1 and significant changes made to quality and balance, it might be worth picking up, but I cannot recommend in the current state.

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