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Set of macros for playing with The Terrain Randomizer in FoundryVTT.

The Terrain Randomizer is a booklet that offers a technique for coming up quickly with, or improvising a concept of a map, for either a combat, a region or a situation. It helps mapping elements to make sure it is interesting, and relies on DICE to draw the layout of the area, plus random tables to define random elements, hazards and challenges. Recommended also with Mythic GME Tools

Created by: JeansenVaars

This module was made for free, with joy, long nights and crazy ideas, so tons of coffee :D!


This implementation relies on Dice so Nice! as a module dependency

Drawing tool will be selected automatically and camera will zoom out for better matching with 3D dice roll area


  1. Use Foundry's free-form drawing tools and text tools to take notes
  2. Draw and proceed in the order zones as in the chat
  3. Use solid fill colors and separated colors for zones


Crimson Scholar Press

The Terrain Randomizer is REQUIRED to use and understand this content!

All attributions belong to Crimson Scholar Press and this module is redistributed with appropriate permission from author José Manuel Navarro - And may NOT be REDISTRIBUTED FURTHER without CONSENT

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  1. Fully automated Zone Generator using 3D dice that stay on screen until finished
    1. The logic of the book will be applied to procedurally generate Zones and characteristics
    2. Press "Finished" button to clear the dice from screen! (Expires automatically after 5 minutes)
    3. Use your imagination for the elevations :)
  2. Decoration generator that produces detailed hazards, blocks and other challenges for your zones!
    1. Following Decoration creation, the Decorations Macro will produce Zone features automatically!
    2. Descriptor tables not included! You can use your own in



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How to use

  1. Install this module through the FoundryVTT Module Installer
  2. Enable the module in your world
  3. Open compendiums and drag The Terrain Randomizer macros into your hotbar!

CUSTOMIZATION - Macros use RollTable by a strict name. Import the tables from the compendium and customize them, and will be automatically used, so long the names are not changed!


This module is developed by me (Saif Ellafi - JeansenVaars) independently, and I hold no business relationship with Crimson Scholar Press or his author. I (Saif Ellafi / @JeansenVaars) was given PERMISSION by José Manuel Navarro to distribute this package UNDER STRICT CONSENT of non-commercial distribution within Foundry VTT only and Power to revoke if so desired.

However you can still Invite me to a Coffee :) if you enjoy my work!


Thanks to @JDW for his wonderful Dice so Nice! Module for 3D dice, which is required. Also do check Foundry Hub as its creator! Thanks of course to José Manuel Navarro for the permission of publishing this module


Special thanks to the Community at the Discord Channel from Mythic Game Master Emulator for the support

By JeansenVaars




MIT License

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Thanks to JetBrains I can work on this project using WebStorm.

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