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Torg Eternity Core Rulebook

Latest version1.0.0
Minimum Core0.6.0
Compatible Core0.7.9
Last updated4 months ago
Created4 months ago
Systems Torgeternity
Project source Project URL

THE STORM HAS A NAME... The "High Lords", cruel tyrants from other realities have joined together to conquer Earth and steal its living energy: its Possibilities!

Where they invade the world changes, forming realms governed by the rules of alien realities. But Earth is not defenseless against this onslaught. Some heroes absorb the raw Possibility Energy the High Lords covet and become „Storm Knights" beings who can bend reality to their will. They use magic, technology, miracles, and even super powers against the High Lords and their endless minions. 

The Delphi Council needs you, Storm Knight, to protect our reality and fight back against the High Lords!

Experience the RPG classic system in its most modern form, making playing the game even easier you and your players.

Torg Eternity Core Rules Features 

  • All of the rules from the core rulebook, organized around a home page for quick reference by players and GMs alike 
  • 518 item/entities containing every perk, armor, shield, weapon, item, vehicle, eternity shard, spell, miracle, and psionic power in the core rules 
  • All items/entities are ready for drag and drop onto character sheets, instantly incorporating them into play 
  • The original Torg Eternity soundtrack 
  • All 31 threats from the Core Rules, complete with avatars and tokens, ready to drag and drop into play 
  • All 26 threat cards from the core release, in ready to display journal entries
  • The Torg Eternity GM screen, which can be displayed and hidden with the click of a button 
  • Effects have been added to armor and shields, and will automatically adjust armor, toughness, and defense stats 
  • Day One and Day 90 maps
  • A selection of illustrations in journal format and ready as handouts 
  • A magic items table 

And Don't Forget... 

  • Every card in the core Drama Deck is included with the free base system, and is easily installed and ready for play
  • All 16 core archetypes are already included in the free base system and ready for play


Requires the TORG game system available for free at:

Purchase the Torg Eternity Core Rules module from Ulisses Spiele.

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