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Tabletop RPG Music - Patreon

Latest version1.4.1
Minimum Core0.8.8
Compatible Core11
Last updated2 weeks ago
Created7 months ago
Systems All systems
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A Patreon-exclusive version of my Foundry VTT music module, featuring lots of extra bonus tracks, alternate versions of existing tracks, and looping versions of all tracks!

MikWewa Maps
Hi, I'm Ian Fisher, composer of all the music you hear in the Tabletop RPG Music module.
With the support of my lovely Patreon backers I create multiple fantasy/sci fi tracks every month to be enjoyed by the community!

Get access by supporting me on Patreon at the top tier:

Details and Installation

Access to install and update this package is managed with our Patreon account integration following three simple steps:

  1. Support the Tabletop RPG Music Patreon at the "Bard + Extended Foundry Module" tier.
  2. Link your website account to Patreon at
  3. Search for "Tabletop RPG Music - Patreon" in the Install Module screen of the Foundry VTT setup menu.

After installing,  the playlists provided by this module will show up under the Compendium Packs sidebar tab in the Playlists section. Drag or right-click to import the playlist into the Audio Playlists tab of your World.

Streaming Permissions

You can stream your game using the content of this module by abiding the following requirements:

  • Call out the creator as the source in the stream and description of your video
  • Provide a link to their Patreon
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