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Symbaroum - Throne of Thorns 6: Davokar Awakens

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Symbaroum: Davokar Awakens

The sixth and concluding part in the Chronicle of the Throne of Thorns

The exhaustion was overwhelming, the headache all but blinding. Eliana Nidel struggled not to shake where she stood by the southern bridge mount, silently watching the lined-up victims of this morning’s attack. Old folks. Adolescents. Some barely more than children.
     She could scarcely remember how many weeks had passed since the darkness started pouring out of Davokar, but surely not more than a handful. Still, by now the raging horde had conquered all land between Doudram and the forest. With the peace-accord between the Queen and the Crown Duke signed, it had fallen on her to organize the defense of the living.
     “A requisition order, Supreme Commander, signed by General Jomilo.”
     The voice came from somewhere behind her. She wanted to scream; she wanted to refuse to give up as much as a single soldier or food ration more. But that was not an option. The only hope for the living was that those resources went to something that could turn the tide of the war. Whatever that might be…
     The ringing of a bell somewhere on the northern riverbank cut through the light of dawn. The adrenaline instantly washed away the ache, fatigue, hopelessness; she heard herself roar out the order to fall in line, in defense against the Eternal Night, to fight for life and light against the darkness stirring in the depths of Davokar forest.


The Eternal Night has descended on the Forest of Davokar. With the sixth and final episode in The Chronicle of the Throne of Thorns, the fate of the world will be decided. The darkness that for centuries has been fettered by the roots of the woods breaks free and spreads in all directions; the living are faced with a seemingly hopeless fight against a never-ending flood of merciless enemies. But is all hope lost? That question remains for you and your friends to answer.


Featured content:

  • The adventure Davokar Awakens, where the player characters are given a chance to impact the fight for the Throne of Thorns, and thereby the future of the game world.
  • Maps and descriptions of a dozen adventure locations, brimming with tough challenges, colorful characters, mystical treasures, and historical artifacts.
  • Guidelines for journeys in the awakened Davokar, complemented with new event tables and over a dozen pre-made scenes to introduce where you see fit.
  • A chapter detailing the battle against the darkness, with descriptions of both defending and attacking units.
  • New treasure tables, new artifacts, and a customized list of mishaps which can affect uninformed or ill-prepared adventurers.
  • Note that this module does not come into its own without the Game Master’s Guide and the Monster Codex.


This module contains:

  • 48 Actors
  • 13 Items
  • 13 Scenes
  • 5 Journal Entries comprising:
    1. 13 Adventure Chapters
    2. 6 Handouts
    3. 41 Pieces of Art
    4. 58 Map Pins
  • 8 Roll Tables
  • 1 Macro

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This module is to be used with the Symbaroum System.

Published by Free League Publishing.

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