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Symbaroum Starter Set

Latest version1.0.3
Minimum Core0.8.8
Compatible Core9
Last updated7 months ago
Created11 months ago
Systems Symbaroum
Dependencies Journal Anchor Links
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Symbaroum Starter Set

The Ashurani dynasty was as short lived as it was cruel, known for its insights into the light – and the darkness. Key to their power was an artefact known as the Rod of Light and Darkness. Its touch could breathe life into dead things, or steal it away from that which lived. And guess what, the rod’s current whereabouts has been revealed! To students of the Eternal Night, this opportunity cannot be ignored! Its final resting place is said to be Lafarda’s Tower, situated in the area known to treasure-hunters as the Blasted Heath, where lightning rain burns flesh and shatters dreams.

Enter the wondrous world of Symbaroum! This starter set for the Symbaroum roleplaying game is designed to let you and your friends experience treasure hunts and expeditions in the dark and mysterious forest of Davokar, including two ready-made adventure sites for you to explore. It also contains guidelines for creating your own treasure hunt adventures. Of course, our hope is that your initial excursions into Davokar will leave you curious to know more about the game world – its forests, cultures and its long, dark history.

This module contains:

  • 147 Journal Entries (Full Core Rules, Where Darkeness Dwells/The Gathering Storm Scenarios and The Art of Symbaroum. Including Index journals for Players, GM/Scenario)
  • 167 item Entries (Armor, Weapons, Equipment, Traits, Powers, etc)
  • 26 Actor Entries (Adversaries, Monsters, Where Darkeness Dwells/The Gathering Storm PCs/NPCs)
  • 11 Scenes - GM Aids and maps for Where Darkeness Dwells and The Gathering Storm
  • 8 Roll Tables - Curiosities Table, Ruins in Davokar, etc
  • 1 Macro - Macro for the GM to roll on selected tables

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This module is to be used with the Symbaroum System.

Published by Free League Publishing.

Purchase at the Free League webshop.

© 2021 Fria Ligan AB.

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