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Symbaroum Game Master's Guide

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Systems Symbaroum
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Symbaroum Game Master's Guide

It was dead silent in the ranks, so breathlessly tense that the creaking of our leather armor felt deafening; just as silent as our Davokar outpost had been for the past three weeks. Even the sellswords that our Lord had hired in an attempt to tip the scales in his favor seem to appreciate the gravity of the situation – they made up the rear of the column, atypically in line, unusually disciplined. Silent.

We had no idea what to expect. The scouts had not come back, neither the first, nor the second troupe that had left for the outpost. Some homing pigeons belonging to the latter returned, but without information about what had happened. Was it a belligerent branch of Clan Karohar? A raving liege troll or a pack of predators? An ancient or dark contagion, or indeed some roaming abomination?

The truth proved even worse: Iron Pact warriors, backed by Ironsworn barbarians. They attacked without question, without hesitation, without mercy – out of the shadows, from the foliage, from behind root and stem and stone. My advice to you who are to inherit my Lord’s domain is simple: Let yourself settle for what can be harvested under open skies; that which is shadowed by the trees of Davokar is not yours to own or salvage. Accept this, or join the ranks of the dead


With the Game Master’s Guide, Symbaroum’s collection of core modules is complete! In this module are three solid sections, meant to inspire and support Game Masters when it comes to everything from the creation of homebrew adventures to managing sessions around the gaming table. No matter if you choose to embrace it all or only pick the goodies out of the cake, the tips and alternative rules presented in this book will certainly help make adventures in Symbaroum’s game world even more spicy, thrilling and memorable.


This module contains:

  • 78 Journal Entries - Game Masters Guide and Blight Night Scenario and GM Guide Art etc.
  • 61 Rolltables from the Game Masters Guide
  • 49 item Entries Monster Traits, Mystical Ceremonies, Greater Artifacts, etc.
  • 11 Actor Entries - Game Masters Guide (Abominations, Legendary Creatures) and Blight Night NPCs
  • 5 Scenes - GM Aids and map for Blight Night
  • 1 Macro - "GMG - Roll on Tables" macro

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This module is to be used with the Symbaroum System.

Published by Free League Publishing.

Purchase at the Free League webshop.

© 2021 Fria Ligan AB.

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