SWADE Immersive Macros

Latest version0.9.0
Minimum Core0.7.4
Compatible Core0.7.10
Last updated3 months ago
Created8 months ago
Languages English
Systems Swade
Dependencies Savage Worlds Adventure Edition
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SWADE Immersive Macros (SWIM)

This is a selection of macros for Savage Worlds Players and GMs alike which focus on immersion and mild automisation of common rolls.  


Included Macros

Currently there are macros to make these common actions:

  • Spending a Benny (includes the animation if Dice So Nice! is activated).
  • Becoming Shaken and rolling to Unshake (respects Edges like Elan and Combat Reflexes as well as Special Abilities like Undead).
  • Applying Wounds and rolling to Soke them (respects Edges like Elan and (Un-)Holy Warrior and optional Gritty Damage).
  • Becoming Stunned and rolling to Unstun (respects Edges like Elan and Combat Reflexes)
  • Removing Fatigue and Damage (no need to open the sheet) and rolling for Natural Healing (also respects Edges like Elan and Fast Healer, Special Abilities like Regeneration and even Items that remove Fatigue or Wounds).
  • Removing and adding Power Points (respects Edges like Soul Drain and spending Bennies to refill Power Points).
  • A raise calculator in the left basic actions sidebar.
  • Rolling on the Fear Table.
  • Marking Tokens as Dead.

Most macros are configurable and support sound effects to increase immersion (this can be turned off). SWIM already ships a number of sound files but the GM can set up his or her own.


Usage instructions

You'll find all the macros in a new compendium delivered by the module. It contains all the macros. You can either import the macros or replace the code of your existing macros. Once that is done you can start using them although I strongly suggest taking a look at the module settings. There are quite a few which might be interesting for you.  

Please read the entire ReadMe, as it contains important information on how to use this module: ReadMe

Important: You might need to update the macros you've imported when you update the module. I hope to find a method to automate this in the future.  



The Code of the macros and modules is licensed under the GPU 3.0 License.

The SFX is used with permission and may use another License (see Assets section in the ReadMe for details).

Some macros contain SWADE rulings in a way that the macros execute them and sometimes include short notices. They do not contain detailed information about the rulings. This is Licensed under the Savage Worlds Fan License.  

“This game references the Savage Worlds game system, available from Pinnacle Entertainment Group at Savage Worlds and all associated logos and trademarks are copyrights of Pinnacle Entertainment Group. Used with permission. Pinnacle makes no representation or warranty as to the quality, viability, or suitability for purpose of this product.”

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