Scion Second Edition (Storypath)

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The ancient powers never fully went away. They wander our roads and cities, mingling with the teeming masses of humanity.

You are one of their children, born to the magic of yesterday and the promise of tomorrow. Now begins the war against the Titans, elder beings who rage against the human world and its wayward gods. Commanding the push and pull of Fate, you will ride into battle and work wonders, the better to prove yourself worthy of legends.

Second Edition Scion is a contemporary game of modern myth and epic heroism powered by the Storypath system. Scion is a game about Gods and humanity, and everything in between. Scion: Origin details the Scions when they’re still (mostly) human, before the Visitation that introduces them to the divine World — they’re exceptional humans, perhaps, blessed with luck and skill or cursed with ill fortune and strange trials in their lives, but humans nonetheless.

This game system allows users to play Scion: Origin and Scion: Hero within Foundry Virtual Tabletop, but users will need the Scion rule books, purchasable from Onyx Path Publishing.

How To

Storypath FVTT currently supports 2 character types: Scions and NPCs.

Top bar

Roll - This will open up the roll dialogue (The d20 icon at the bottom of the FoundryVTT chatbox can also be clicked to open this dialogue).

Dice - How many dice you are rolling
Dice Modifier - Adds dice to roll (important for other types of rolls)
Enhancement - Adds successes to roll
Target Number - The Number needed for a success
#-Again - The number required to roll another die.
Difficulty- Calculate threshold successes and success type using this difficulty.  Not inputting difficulty will simply roll the dice.
Dot Colors - Opens a dialogue that allows the input of a hex color to change the ability/attribute dots on the sheet.
Other icons are for base FoundryVTT functionality.


Header - input name, scion type and scion tier here.  The tier will alter the sheet to show or hide certain elements.

Dots - Click on dots to enter the proper skill and attribute levels.  Clicking the first dot when the skill is set to 1 will set it back to 0.  Clicking the name of a skill will open The Ability Roller set to that skill and the highest attribute by default.

Health - Clicking the calculator will allow you to set the number of boxes available.  Click the boxes to set wounds.
Skill Rolls
Click the "Roll Skill" button to open the skill roll dialogue (or pool roll if NPC). The dialogue then allows the rolls of skills and attributes.  You may double successes and add a specialty dice if applicable.

Lists - Anything that a character can have an unknown number of is tracked with a list. The plus sign will add a new item to a list.


Message Bubble - Shows the item in the chat logs with the name and description

Box Pencil - Edit the item
Trash - Delete the item
Clicking an item anywhere else will show the item description if available.

You can also make items in foundry’s item list tab and drag and drop them here to add them to characters.

Sheet Styles
You can change the sheet styles by going to
Game Settings -> Configure Settings -> System Settings and then changing the sheets styles from Origin to Hero.  You can also turn off the tension box. 


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