Smart Doors

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Created3 years ago
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Visual and functional improvements for your doors. See below for an overview over all provided features. Each feature of the module can be enabled/disabled separately in the modules settings.


Feature overview

Consistent Door Control Size

Door Control icons will be rendered the same size in every scene, regardless of the configured grid size. The size of the icons is configurable.

Consistent Door Control Size demonstration

Toggle Secret Doors

Easily reveal secret doors to players. Alt+left click secret doors to turn them into regular doors. Alt+left click can also be done on normal doors to turn them into secret doors.

Toggle Secret Doors demonstration

Locked Door Alerts

Keep everyone informed who tried to open which door. If a player tries to open a locked door the locked door sound will be played for everyone. Additionally a message will be posted to chat. When the chat message is hovered with the mouse, the door that was attempted to open will be highlighted.

Locked Door Alerts demonstration

Door Synchronization

Doors can be added to synchronization groups. Whenever a door belonging to a synchronization group is opened, closed, locked or unlocked the same will automatically happen to all other doors in the synchronization group. Usage instructions can be found in the modules README.

Synchronized Doors demonstration


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Erich Veigas
2 years ago

Great module, but be aware:
if “Locked Door Alerts” are “ON” AND the module Ambient Doors is installed it will an cause error playing the door jingle…. the sound the players hears when failing to open a locked door…

observed on Ambient Doors 2.2.3 and Smart Doors 1.2.8

But they are still amazing together!

Praises to both DEVs!

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