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Slaying the Marsh King

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Last updated1 year ago
Created3 years ago
Systems Dnd5e
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Will You Survive the Toxic Marshes ?

Slaying the Marsh King is a Fifth Edition adventure optimised for three to six characters of 6th level. Full of swamp creatures, dangerous hazards and one Big Black Bird.

I’m very happy to share this with all of you. A swampy adventure, full of frog-like elves, poisons, and other delicacies that you'd expect to find in a swamp, as well as a big black bird that breathes acid... a dragon, it's a dragon. This adventure is for level 6 adventurers ideally.
This adventure is a super fun break. It’s a perfect excuse to go visit poisonous swamps if you need to take your players there, or needing filler and padding time for your campaign, or simply as a straight forward one-shot to throw at your players! In any case it offers some never-seen before encounters!


Written in a broken common and stained with mud, a letter arrives at the party's most common safehouse. It carries no seal whatsoever, but it is addressed to them. Perfumed not with an unpleasant fragrance, a mixture of bogwater and excrement, this letter, though a little rambly, is too authentic to be a little prank. After all, it's tied to a gigantic fish. So then… what the hell is it? One thing's for sure, you should read it, with your noses pinched and a few casts of Prestidigitation. What could it hold and what mystery can it lead to?


MonkeyDM built all of these features and benefits into the adventure:

  • Custom Cartography. CzePeku designed these maps from scratch, for an awesome experience.
  • Unique Monsters & Boss. Each creature has its stat block and custom tokens loaded into the game, for you to run it faster.
  • Prepared Macros. Save time GMing, we've implemented custom macros for each monster to save you time rolling initiative and saving throws.
  • Set Dynamic Lighting. Experience all of the power held within Foundry with full dynamic lighting already laid out.
  • Epic setting. Thanks to its adaptable nature, this adventure fits into any setting, so long as swamps are part of your world.

Quick Guide

System: DnD 5E
Starting Level: 6
Length: 3-5 hours
Installation: Add-On
Sheet: DnD 5E

Bug and Technical Issue Reporting

If you encounter any bugs or technical issues with this adventure or any other MonkeyDM adventure, visit the Bug Report Page and let us know!

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