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This module allows you to generate a compendium art map json file automatically from the compendiums of actors included in the Starfinder system, using the process detailed in this wiki entry. Once enabled, it performs two functions (you may need to reload your Foundry world after enabling):

  1. The module includes the appropriate flag in its module.json file to tell the system where the mapping json file is (as described in Step 1).

  2. It adds this button to the compendium tab for GMs. Clicking it will spool through all the actors in the system compendium, compiling a json file as specified by the sfrpg system's compendium image mapping function (as described in Step 2). Any actors that already have art/token art will have the path to those assets added to the json file. Any actors without them will show the default art/token art.



Using this module with Compendium Image Mapper

I recommend using the Compenium Image Mapper to automatically map your compendium art files (GitLab Link). You may have issues with the two not playing nicely with each other. If you do, try following the procedure below.

Because this module uses the system's built-in art mapping functionality, it is not overwritten when the system updates. Because Compendium Image Mapper uses a different method of assigning the images to actors, though, some extra steps need to be taken to get everything to work correctly together.

  1. Ensure that both this module and the Compendium Image Mapper module are enabled, and that your Foundry world is running.
  2. Find the module's installation directory on your server. This should be your user data directory/modules/sfrpg-art-map.
  3. Open the module.json file and remove the highlighted lines of code shown in the image below, then save the file. Make a copy of these lines, as we'll need to add them back in later in step 6.


  1. Refresh your Foundry World to reload it (you may need to return to the setup screen and relaunch the world). This will load the world without the art map applied.
  2. Use the Compendium Image Mapper to map the compendium's art how you like (button A), then when finished generate a fresh Compendium Art Map (button B). If the button disappears, just switch to a different tab (such as the journal tab) and switch back. Button B should reappear.


  1. Re-open the module.json file (from step 3), and add back the previously deleted code. Save the file, then refresh your Foundry world (you may need to return to the setup screen and relaunch the world).

That should be it! If you need to change the mapped images, you can follow this process again or manually update the image filepaths in the server-side .json file specified by the "sfrpg-art" flag (the code we removed in step 3 above).

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