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Starfinder Society Year 6 - Scenarios #6-01 & #6-02

Latest version1.8.0
Minimum Core11
Compatible Core11
Last updated1 month ago
Created1 year ago
Systems Sfrpg
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The Starfinder Society stands proud and united, yet trouble gathers on the horizon. When a mysterious and powerful criminal syndicate, dubbed the Organization, enacts a bloody attack within the Pact Worlds, First Seeker Ehu Hadif vows to bring an end to their predations. Yet, this attack is only the opening salvo in a plot destined to doom millions. It's up to you to unravel the plans of the Organization and bring the group's leaders to justice! Will the Starfinder Society emerge triumphant or will the Organization be our downfall?

This asset pack module contains all of the resources you need to run Starfinder Society scenarios 6-01: Year of Fortune's Fall and 6-02: Drift Scars on Foundry VTT, including the following:

  • 22 high-resolution character portraits and tokens for the unique monsters and NPCs in each scenario, plus a blank token ring and background for customizing your game.
  • High-resolution tokens and art for all Starfinder Society standard player starships.
  • 4 high-resolution Starfinder Flip-Mat encounter maps.
  • Custom landing pages for each scenario.
  • All scenes pre-configured with walls, lights, and sounds. A custom macro places tokens and hazards based on the group to provide GMs with the most convenient experience running the adventure for all parties.
  • Soundscapes provided as ambient playlists and local sound sources to immerse your players, created by Michael Ghelfi Studios.

Purchase Starfinder Society Year of Fortune's Fall: Scenarios #6-01 and #6-02

Installation and Activation

This purchase will grant you an activation code which can be found on your My Downloads page on and activated through your Foundry VTT account page at Afterwards you will be able to install the "SFS Year 6 - Scenarios #6-01 & #6-02" module on the Foundry Virtual Tabletop setup screen. To learn more about activating and installing premium content in Foundry Virtual Tabletop, visit

Please note: This purchase includes all of the assets necessary to run Starfinder Society scenarios 6-01 and 6-02 on Foundry VTT, but does not include the scenarios themselves. You can purchase both of these adventures in PDF format for $5.99 each, as well as all others released for Starfinder Society Season 6, at the Paizo store.

After installing the module, it must be activated within a Game World. To do so:

  • Access the Settings Sidebar tab
  • Click "Manage Modules"
  • Locate the "SFS Year 6 - Scenarios #6-01 & #6-02" Module, enable it, and save module settings.


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