Sentinel Comics the Roleplaying Game (Unofficial)

Latest version1.5.5
Minimum Core11
Compatible Core11
Last updated6 months ago
Created2 years ago
Languages English
Systems All systems
Project source Project URL

This game system for Foundry Virtual Tabletop provides the character sheets and game system for Sentinel Comics the Roleplaying Game by Greater than Games.


This system provides character sheet support for Heroes, Villains and Environments. It also provides macros for updating all hero character's scene status.


This is an unofficial package and a copy of the rulebook will be required to use this system.




  • Support for Heroes, Villain and Environment character sheets
  • Support for Scene Tracker and Initiative
    • Scene Tracker automatically updates all hero character sheet scene setting when the scene changes
  • Support for Modular, Form-Changer, Divided, and Minion-Maker archetypes
    • Modular characters can choose to have a non-powered form
    • Divided psyche (rolling two powers/two qualities) and divided status can both be enabled separately
    • Different modes/forms of Modular and Form-Changer characters can have different powers and power die
    • Forms/Modes abilities, powers and description can be filled out on the Auxiliary tab but can also be viewed on the Power tab
    • Form/Mode can be changed on the Auxiliary tab or from the drop-down menu on the Power tab
    • Minion forms and minions can be tracked on the minion tab
  • Hero heath ranges are automatically calculated from entering Max health
  • Hero Status is automatically determined from heath range and scene status
  • Powers, qualities, and abilities can be added directly on the character sheet
  • Power, quality and status die can be rolled individually
  • Power, quality and status die can be rolled together
  • Chat will display the dice in order of Max, Mid and Min results
  • Villains can add Statuses to their sheet
  • Macros for updating all hero character's scene status (found in the compendium)
  • Track hero points, hero reward points, back issues, and collections on the Hero tab
  • Track bonuses and penalties
    • Penalties will make dice roll chat messages red as a reminder
  • Background, Power Source, Archetype, Personality, and Principle items can be dragged onto the character sheet
  • Abilities, Environment Twists, and Minion Forms can be submitted to chat
  • Items on character sheets can be edited and deleted by right click on them


Game Settings

The following can be enabled/disabled in the game settings

  • Colored dice in the chat window
  • Unavailable abilities will grey out depending on your status
  • Bonus and Penalty tracking on Power tab
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