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Saethor's Bane for Dungeon Fantasy RPG

Latest version2.0.1
Minimum Core11
Compatible Core12.324
Last updated1 week ago
Created3 weeks ago
Systems Gurps
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Saethor's Bane


for Dungeon Fantasy RPG (Powered by GURPS).



Saethor's Bane is a conversion to the Dungeon Fantasy RPG of David Pulver's excellent Dark Lord's Doom, available for both TFT and OSE by Gaming Ballistic. 

Saethor's Bane showcases the capabilities and options of the Dungeon Fantasy RPG, taking four martial characters through a full campaign arc. The characters start at 112 points (Journeymen level from Delvers to Grow) and rapidly advance as the adventure progresses. Very rapidly. Artificially rapidly. Showcasing how the capability of characters grows, what options it affords, and giving an escalating scale of challenges.

This Foundry VTT Module for Saethor's Bane provides the pre-generated PCs, NPCs, monsters, and adversaries as Foundry Actors. It also includes maps and scenes from the book.  It requires the GURPS Game Aid for Foundry VTT.


For more Dungeon Fantasy RPG (Powered by GURPS) material see Gaming Ballistic.

Saethor's Bane and Saethor's Bane Foundry VTT Module ©2024 by Gaming Ballistic, LLC


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