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Revised Weapons & Equipment for 5e

This module has several goals:

1. Replace some default SRD icons with better ones.
2. Make weapon descriptions more informative.
3. Rebalance a small number of weapons.
4. Add a couple of new weapons.

1. Improved SRD icons

Many new icons have been added to Foundry over time, and although some 5e SRD items have been updated, many haven't. The compendium included in this module makes use of many new options that I feel are better choices.

Here are some examples. Left = Old, Right = New.




The majority of icons used are core FoundryVTT icons, however there are a few icons that I have included as part of this module such as those shown below:

2. Informative weapon descriptions

A player (especially if they are new) should not have to delve into the 'details' tab of a weapon in order to know how much damage it deals. As such, all weapons have had their full properties added as text in the description tab.

3. Weapon rebalance

There are a number of weapons in 5E that aren't very well balanced. For example, a Warhammer deals 1d8 damage and has the Versatile property. However, a War Pick deals 1d8 damage but has... no additional properties. War Picks are indeed cheaper, but if even a level one character can easily afford any weapon, it's really not a balancing factor. As such, I have altered a few weapons to enable players to choose the weapon they like, not the weapon they feel is the best.

Additionally, some weapons have been made more unique. As written, Glaives and Halberds are functionally identical. With RWE, Glaives have a special property allowing them to deal 2d6 when mounted on horseback, and Halberds can choose between Slashing and Piercing damage.

Full weapon balance changes:


- Club - Increased damage to 1d6
- Greatclub - Increased damage to 1d10, added Heavy property.
- Handaxe - Removed Thrown property.
- Mace - Increased damage to 1d8.
- Sickle - Increased damage to 1d6.


- Blowgun - Changed from Martial to Simple, removed Loading property.
- Flail - Added Versatile property.
- Glaive - Added Special property; deals 2d6 when mounted.
- Halberd - Added Special property; choice of slashing and piercing damage.
- Morningstar - Added Versatile property.
- Rapier - Reduced damage to 1d6, added Special property; deals 1d8 when offhand isn't holding a weapon or shield.
- Trident - Increased damage to 1d8, removed Thrown property.
- War Pick - Added Versatile property.

4. New weapons

A small number of new weapons have been included such as the Andamacil, War Axe, Pistol, and several new shields.

Full new item list:

- Andamacil
- Cleaver
- Crude Club
- Improvised Weapon
- Pistol
- Musket
- Shiv
- Throwing Bomb
- War Axe
- Wooden Stake

- Buckler Shield
- Round Shield
- Infantry Shield (replacement for RAW shield)
- Heater Shield
- Kite Shield
- Tower Shield



Although this mod does not have any dependencies, it is configured to work best with the Compendium Folders mod. If you don't use Compendium Folders, you will see some placeholder CF entities in the compendium.


Contact Information

You can either log issues and queries on GitHub via the "Project URL" below, or contact @Monkeyy on the FoundryVTT Discord server.





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