(0.6.6 Only) Risk: Legacy (Unoffical)

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Minimum Core0.6.0
Compatible Core0.7.0
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# UNOFFICIAL Risk: Legacy Foundry VTT Port


## How it works

Troops and HQs are on the Actors layer, all stickers and scars are on the Tiles layer. 


### Setting up a world

You'll be able to choose between "Original" or "Advanced". 

Original is the orignal board, the advanced variant is the one found on Board Game Geek 


Go to system settings to open packs. You'll need to open the 'base' pack to import the first set of entries. 


### Factions

Faction Character sheets are in the Actors Directory. You can drag powers and cards on top of them to grant those to the specific faction.


### Troops

To place troops, simply drag the appropriate troops from Actors Directory onto the board


### Stickers (Scars)

There's the *exact* amount of copies of stickers as are in the base game in folders like "sticker sheet". Simply delete the entry when you place it to keep track of how many are left. 



### Macros

There's a set of helpful macros

- Draw Territory/Mission/Event Card Macros

- Draw Scars

- Reset Games

- Setup Coin Cards

- Update Territory Value


# Suggested Foundry Modules:

- Dice So Nice!

- Pop Out!

- Deselection

- Pings


# Contact

I'm Spacemandev#6256 on Discord if you have any questions on how to use this.

Example gameplay:


# Adding Packs

If you want to add custom packs, go to assets/unlocks.


1. Add your pack name to unlocks.yaml

2. Create a folder with an init.js (see examples of how the other folders are set up for unlocks)


# License

Avalon Hill owns Risk:Legacy. Wizards of the Coast owns Avalon Hill. 

They  have stated this port is covered under their fan policy.

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