Reliquary of Souls

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Systems Dnd5e
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Kelfecil's Tales is all about strong and deep narratives inspired by art. They believe that well-designed narratives in TTRPGs are key to creating memorable and meaningful stories.

For years the Tierrau family has suffered the pain of loss and injustice at the hands of people who do not understand their magic or trust their intentions. Now the last two siblings of the family grapple with the wounds dealt to their bloodline over the years, and have decided to take fate into their own hands. With their mastery of necromancy and fate-twisting they will soon exact the vengeance they have dreamed of since they were children.

In Reliquary of Souls, the players venture into an abandoned library overrun with restless spirits awakened by the rituals of two sibling necromancers seeking revenge for generations of cruelty and mistreatment. Can the heroes stop their plans from coming to fruition, and help them make peace with their past, or will they join forces with the siblings to bring justice to a land that does not respect the Tierrau family?

This haunting adventure of loss and old wounds is suitable for a party of 6th level adventurers and includes:

  • Eight new monsters to encounter!
  • Three new magical items to collect!
  • Ten new spells to add to your spellbook!
  • Lovely custom artwork for both the creatures and magic items!
  • Three custom maps set up with walls and dynamic lights for maximum mood!


If you enjoy this content we recommend you visit Kelfecil's Tales and show them your support!

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