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RC - Kobold Lair

Latest version1.0.0
Minimum Core0.6.0
Compatible Core0.7.9
Last updated7 months ago
Created10 months ago
Systems All systems
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     You're to take the mountain road then, stranger? Well I'd have your wits about you is all I'm saying. There is more to fear than rock slides and trolls in them hills.
     It'll be the wee ones that give you most trouble if you go poking around where you shouldn't. Whole place is crawling with the scaly buggers. Mark my words, more than one caravan has gone missing while taking those paths, no doubt running afoul of some dastardly trap only to then be and pulled into one of a thousand caves, to gods only know what fate.
     But, as long as you and yours pay your tab before you leave its little of my business or concern. Whether or not your skulls becomes some Kobold Chieftain's new drinking cup is no never mind to me.
     So what say you? Can I get you you one for the road, or have you come to your senses?
                         – Conversation overheard in the Oily Goose Tavern, Fairbrook town, between the Innkeeper and an                                unknown group of adventurers.

I am pleased to present the Kobold Lair, a series of twisting, turning tunnels connecting numerous caverns for your players to get stuck in! They had better watch their step though, for Kobolds are consummate trappers and through a combination of squeeze tunnels, mud traps, collapsible roofs and baited ambush rooms, they are likely to whittle your party down.

Of course, all maps are Foundry ready, with walls, dynamic lighting, and the Multilevel Token module.


Map variations include:

  • Core
  • Cold
  • Green
  • Volcanic
  • Warm


As always, if you want more of my maps, the best method is to join my Patreon – you'll get monthly releases before anywhere else, and can budget your subscription to give you just a few maps, or everything I come up with. 

Happy gaming!  - The Reclusive Cartographer |

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