QuestWorlds (Unofficial)

Latest version0.1.2
Minimum Core0.8.8
Compatible Core9.238
Last updated7 months ago
Created8 months ago
Languages English
Systems All systems
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QuestWorlds FVTT (Unofficial)

QuestWorlds-FVTT is a system module for Foundry VTT to support playing QuestWorlds, the narrative RPG system from Chaosium.


QuestWorlds FVTT can be installed through Foundry by searching for “QuestWorlds” in the Systems tab.

To manually install, go to your Game Systems tab in Foundry, click Install System, and copy this URL into the Manifest URL field and click Install:


Since the QuestWorlds SRD itself is still in a state of flux, this implementation of a Foundry system module for QuestWorlds offers only the necessary features to play QuestWorlds in Foundry. The goals of the first release are:

  • characters sheets that cover all necessary information for a PC
  • simple contests with basic support for modifiers and variable resistance
  • optional rune support for playing QuestWorlds in Glorantha, via GM-supplied font file(s)

While I would love to automate a lot of the paperwork and logic of QuestWorlds, accomplishing the first two core goals is enough to support the majority of in-session activities for the majority of QuestWorlds groups. GMs and players can handle sequences manually, using the support for contests plus journal notes for APs, scores, or whatnot from their sequence style of choice.

As an unexpected side effect, this simplicity also makes QuestWorlds-FVTT somewhat useful for playing earlier editions that use slightly different logic, modifier scales, and contest rules. Some easy optional support for ealier editions is provided.


QuestWorlds-FVTT is currently in a beta state. There may be bugs. There will probably be bugs! You can report bugs at the issues page or by using the Bug Reporter module (which you can install by searching Foundry's list of modules).



Note that no font files are included in QuestWorlds-FVTT. Rune support is included, but requires the GM to install their desired font files during world setup in the system settings panel provided. This is for simple copyright reasons: I do not have permission to distribute anyone's font files with QuestWorlds-FVTT. As a bonus, this means you can use your preferred fonts for runes. Chaosium provides a very nice rune font that you might enjoy.

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