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Unyielding Siege - Army of Undead

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Systems Dnd5e
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"The warriors stand huddled together as the massive horde of undead descend upon the keep. There are no potions, there is no resting, there is no hope of dawn. There are only unending waves of undead crashing against their stronghold. A lone mysterious gemstone in the center of their fortification provides the only restoration they can obtain, but at the cost of the precious time they have so little of. It's no longer a question of 'if' they survive but only for how long."

The Adventure

This is a unique 'adventure' as there is no intention of the players surviving the onslaught from the Army of Undead, with the adventure always resulting in a Total Party Kill (TPK). The goal is not to 'win' against the army but simply to last as long as possible, having as much fun as possible, and for each character to go out in a blaze of glory.

Each wave comes with more powerful undead creatures. Even if players miraculously survive the first 20 rounds, the undead keep coming but in larger numbers until every last living creature is destroyed. 

What's Included?

This adventure also comes with three full-color custom made maps with varying difficulty from Breezy to Deadly. Each map has a different terrain to increase or decrease the keeps defenses and gives a different number of days of preparation before the first Wave, allowing players to barricade entrances or to set traps. These preparations add a certain amount of replay ability as players can attempt different strategies to see if they can make it through higher Waves.

Unique to the Foundry VTT version!

  • 29 Actors for the Undead Monsters and special interactive items that have all their unique rules, features, and actions added to their Token's stat blocks.
  • 26 Macros each designed to easily deploy groups of Undead onto your map for the corresponding Wave! Each macro is tailored to a specific wave and rolls dice to determine the number of tokens that appear, automatically deploying the appropriate Undead tokens in the designated area.
  • 3 Scenes Fully walled and lit with helpful Map Notes.
  • 1 Journal that contains not only the original PDF rules for this adventure but multiple Journal pages with those rules converted into Foundry VTT with helpful links, rollable buttons, and Macros!
  • 25 Folders to keep everything organized.
Note: Monster tokens are not pre-placed. GMs will need to add monster tokens to the map based on the Wave and # of players which can be assisted by the built in Macros.

We hope your players enjoy fighting against the Unyielding Siege!

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10 months ago

I purchased this product and activated the module but the compendium included is empty. Can someone assist?

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