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Princess Luminace's Guide to the Pony Pantheon

Latest version0.92.3
Minimum Core11
Compatible Core11
Last updated2 months ago
Created8 months ago
Systems Pf2e
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Princess Luminace's Guide to the Pony Pantheon comes to Foundry VTT containing new Deity-specific stuff to the world of Everglow. With this pack, you'll know what Boons and Curses twelve of the Everglow Deities hoof out to adventurers who earn their admiration or ire. Four of those twelve are first presented here while the other 8 have been updated from the core book. Additionally, this contains feats and spells tied to all twelve deities.

As for Class options? Well, there's only one doozy of an Archetype but it uses your enemy's misfortune to power itself up. Perfect for a debuff caster who wants to hinder foes before getting damage in.

If you ever wanted to play a Divine Wizard this is also the place for you, provided you worship the right people.

This release also includes all the tables for reincarnating in Everglow.

Last, but not least for the spoilers are the ancestries and Heritages:
 Firstly, are Pony Satyrs, usually the result of a Pony and a Human falling in love. This isn't always the case however as their sole Heritage in the book doubles as a Versatile Heritage for those wanting to play more exotic Humanoid/Other pairings. They also come with a pair of feats.
 The other Ancestry in the book is Luminous Dragons. The mortal offspring of a dragon and pony goddess with a bit of help from the Unspoken, these usually small pony dragons straddle the line between their ancestry with Marks of Destiny that hold no sway over them normally. They come in this book with five Heritages and nine feats to call their own.

We hope you enjoy this product. All care has been taken to automate as much as the system allows.

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