The Secret of the Porvenir

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The Secret of the Porvenir is a spooktacular game-ready adventure for 5th Edition.
The Porvenir - missing for weeks, feared lost - has mysteriously returned, anchored at the uninhabited island Fellcay and without a crew. And yet all that F. V. Co.'s owner wants from the ship are a dozen small crates in its hold…
She invites a group of adventurers to climb aboard the great vessel and hack their way through a horde of undead sailors, a headless seahorseman, eels wearing dead men's skeletons as exo-suits, and even the ship itself, all in the name of profit. Who will heed the call? And what will they ultimately choose to do with the Porvenir's dread cargo?

This free spooktacular adventure for 3 to 6 characters of approximately 6th-level was designed by Luke Stratton (Limithron) and Wythe Marschall (Stillfleet) and brought to life by a community of Patreon creators including:

Maps, Tokens, Foundry Conversion and FX: Limithron

Adventure Writing: Stillfleet

Monster Tokens Forgotten Adventures

Monster Stats: It's A DnD Monster Now

Magic Items: Loot Tavern & Tavern of Trinkets

Music: Music d20

Audio Ambiences: Michaël Ghelfi

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1 year ago

Honestly a pretty solid module, I borrowed a few ideas from things such as Return of The Obra Dinn. Changed the person who hires them into a pawn for the investors of the Trading company to give a little more for the players to question. And reworked a few of the encounters to make it more exploration heavy for the first two levels.
Ran this for a Halloween one shot in my Saltmarsh campaign with new characters. Much of this ties into the motif well, I look forward to tying the events of this into the larger overarching story.

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