Pathfinder Second Edition

Latest version4.7.2
Minimum Core9.266
Compatible Core9.280
Last updated2 days ago
Created2 years ago
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A logo for the Pathfinder Second Edition game system, the Foundry VTT d20 logo on top of it.

This volunteer-developed project brings the Pathfinder Second Edition ruleset to Foundry Virtual Tabletop. Supported by an official partnership with Paizo Inc. and Foundry VTT, the PF2e Volunteer Development Team have worked to bring robust mechanical support that seamlessly enhances gameplay without getting in the way of roleplay.

The PF2e game system includes:

  • All rules content for Pathfinder Second Edition, including all creatures, hazards, items, actions, feats, spells from all official sources
  • A fully-featured character sheet that calculates modifiers and tracks feat choices so that you don't have to, with dedicated support for vital functionality such as spellcasting, inventory management, crafting, and Pathfinder Society-compatible chronicle sheets
  • Integration between the Pathfinder rules and Foundry VTT's canvas offers effortless support for advanced features like immersive vision mechanics, positional flanking, immunities, weaknesses, resistances, and real-time range detection
  • The system comes with support right out of the box for a variety of popular variant rules, such as Proficiency Without Level, the Critical Hit deck, or Automatic Bonus Progression
  • and much more!

Latest Release Features

  • Auras now display an icon on the if they are a passive ability, and effects that don't require saves that affect allies, enemies, or everyone are now automatable
  • Item level is now displayed in the compendium browser
  • AdjustStrikes can now add or remove property runes
  • NPC damage can now be subtyped as persistent, splash, or precision
  • Grievous rune is now automated
  • Immunity to auditory, emoitional, fear, mental, and visual is now handled
  • Counters for badges can now be labelled text instead of numerical entries
  • Vehicle functionality has been significantly upgraded
  • Persistent damage can now be autorolled from the indicator and the editor opens on left click
  • DamageDice RE now works on spells
  • Bugfixes: Focus spells can no longer be added to non-focus entries, Fix "item:damage-dice:N" roll options being set according to the number of faces rather than dice, Improve performance of very large auras in scenes with large numbers of walls,  Fix issue causing user-configured roll modes to be ignored for rolls made from sheets, Fix AdjustStrike trait upgrading for annotated traits (deadly, fatal, etc.), Fix placement of save button in compendium browser settings on resizing, Allow for decimal scales in TokenImage, Add support for shorthand Strike RE data to create standard fist attack, Fix ABP not being ignored when requested by actors, Fix display of custom critical damage types on weapon sheet, Fix parsing of damage formulas with `MathTerm`s, Fix rule elements on Mystic Strikes class feature, Obscure damage recipient names when "tokenSetsNameVisibility" is enabled, Restore functionality of critical damage dice doubling setting, Fix newly created kits erroring on sheet open, Fix spell variant levels not being able to heighten downwards, Keep tabs from shifting in item sheet when changing to rules tab, Fix issue causing some target-situational modifiers to fail to surface

How to Contribute

The ongoing development effort for this game system is entirely volunteer-based, and we always welcome more help!

  • If you know how to code in JavaScript/TypeScript/HTML/CSS and have something specific you want to work on, check out the issue tracker on GitHub. You can set up a development environment following these directions.
  • If you find a data entry error, feel free to open a ticket in the GitHub issue tracker.
  • Our Discord server serves as both a community hub and a base of operations for development, and is a good place to check in if you'd like to help but don't know where to start.

If you find what you think is a bug, do the following:

  1. Close the world and restart Foundry.
  2. Push F12 and make a note of any errors in the console log.
  3. Try to replicate it and figure out exactly what you did to cause it. Do you get the same error in the console log?
  4. If it is an actor, try replicating it on a brand new test actor.
  5. Disable all modules and try again. If it stops try figuring out which module - you can likely get help in #module-troubleshooting on the FVTT discord.
  6. If it still persists, create a new PF2e world with no modules enabled and try again. At this point you likely have enough information people in #pf2e on the discord channel might be able to help you.
    1. If it still persists and you feel confident in this, back up your world data, delete the PF2e system and reinstall it and see if that fixes the issue
  7. Open up a GitHub issue stating exactly what you did and exactly what error you are getting. Likely someone in #pf2e can help you phrase this.

Licensing Information

This system uses trademarks and/or copyrights owned by Paizo Inc., which are used with permission granted as part of the partnership agreement between Foundry Gaming LLC and Paizo Inc. This officially recognized game system was created and is maintained by the PF2e For Foundry VTT volunteer development team, and is published for free with the endorsement of Foundry Gaming LLC.

If you would like to undertake a similar project, much of what this system includes is covered under Paizo's extremely generous Community Use Policy. For more information please visit The Community Use Policy". For more information about Paizo Inc. and Paizo products, please visit


Open Game Licence | Project License

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1 year ago

Highly recommend the Pathfinder 2E system on FVTT. It is one of the best system that I’ve used. The system contains so many good features and so many more are being developed. The community on Discord is great too!

1 year ago

Does the PF2E implement every quirk of Pathfinder perfectly? Not yet, no. Is it better in Foundry than any other VTT? Easily. Is there a particular feature you want working? Ask for it and if somebody doesn’t have a quick fix, odds are pretty good one of the volunteer devs will have it implemented before you thought it was possible! The rate of improvements and increased automation feature additions is honestly impressive.

1 year ago

The automation out of the box in the Pathfinder 2E system is incredible. Since I’m playing with IRL friends that didn’t read the Core Rulebook I couldn’t play without this system.

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