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This module is community created content published in the Wayfinder magazine.  It includes a premade adventure for 3rd level parties, dozens of new NPCs and monsters, hundreds of new items, and the PF2e system automation necessary for group to easily add these to their games.  All content was included with the permission of the original authors and of Paizo Fans United.

Once enabled in a world it will add several new compendiums, These all start with "Wayfinder -". In them you'll find over a hundred new items including new spells, class features, backgrounds, and equipment. There's also dozens of actors, complete with art. Also included is a premade adventure for 3rd level parties. All of this is the content from the Wayfinder #21, the Paizo fan magazine created by Paizo Fans United. You can download a copy of the full PDF from Paizo's website here

I am not the author of this content, I am making it available for Foundry VTT users with permission of the authors. Thank you to all of you who allowed me to include your creations in this module, as well as Tim Nightengale of Wayfinder for doing the legwork of contacting all the contributors and allowing me to use the Wayfinder name for the module.

Title Author(s) Artist(s)
Tools of a Graveland's Scavenger Jason Luke  
Bard Muse of Tragedy: Power Through Sorrow Andrew D. Geels  
Canopian Andrew D. Geels Adam Koča
Demon Wisp (Aichmophobia Pavor) Shalimar Massie and Aaron Filipowich Jeremy Corff
Flensclaw Daniel Aznavorian Andrew Burch
Heroes' Hoard: Sarkoris Scar Adventuring Items, Tools of the Reclaimers Andrew D. Geels and Scott Janke  
Heroic Legacy Backgrounds Rigby Bendele, Bran Hagger  
Interested Parties (Race for the Ettercap Crown, a Side Trek Adventure) Jeremy Corff Paul Chapman and Michael Tumey
Interested Parties (Weal or Woe) Jeremy Corff Dionisis Milonas
Knefen Matt Duval Peter Fairfax
Knighthaunt Joseph Blomquist Michael McNeill
Legacies of the Goblinblood War (Weal or Woe) Adam Kessler Todd Westcot
Leshy, Darkblight Matt Cavanaugh Andrew DeFelice
Melacor Mischa Catalan Chris L. Kimball
Oracles of the Final Omen: Apocalypse Mystery Jeffrey Anderson  
Ravenwolf Aaron Filipowich Andrew DeFelice
Rebels of Cheliax Backgrounds: New backgrounds for Chelaxian players Adam Kessler  
Relics of Ancestral Time John Holmes  
Riffle Scrolls: Teaching New Casters Old Tricks Brian Brunson  
Seizark Jaster Catalan Clay Lewis
Sinspawn Reclaimer Corey Roberge Tyler Clark
Skillful Items for the Foolhardy Discerning Professional Alex Mullenix  
Soul Seeker Swarm James Abendroth James S. Austin
Spirits and Dreams - oracle's mystery and Investigator methodology Edmond Genner  
The Cynic’s Gambit (Weal or Woe) KM Kovalcik Frank Hessefort
The Fashion of New Thassilon: Aromas of Eurythania and The Envy of Edasseril Ryan King  
Two sides of this crusade John Holmes Beatrice Pelagatti
Wall Watcher's Armory Matt Cavanaugh  
Whispering Weed Jesse Lehto Clay Lewis
Willow Fiend Kim Frandsen Michael Jaecks
Zeitgob (Weal or Woe) Joshua Hennington Andrew DeFelice
Zombie, Abyssal Tineke Bolleman Tanyaporn Sangsnit
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