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New feats, spells, effects, and actions for the Vampire archetype in the Book of the Dead!

  • Two new 'paths' of feats:
  • First path improves physical combat for Vampires with new actions on the battlefield.
  • Second path adds a whole new vampire spellcaster capability using Hemomancy focus spells!
  • Rule element automation where necessary keeps the additions up to system standards!

Do you want to build your character around the vampire archetype as much as, or more, than your class?

Do you want your character to be a Vampire first, and your class second? This module will give you the tools to do just that.

Physical Combat Feat Line

  • (4th) Swift Bite - Adds the Finesse trait to your Fangs allowing you to use Dexterity on attack rolls instead of Strength.
  • (12th) Unseen Evisceration - Uses your Vampiric speed to move up to twice your land speed, strike a target with each claw (applying MAP only after both strikes), and providing an action to return to your starting position if at least one strike hit your target.
  • (14th) Exsanguination - You're now capable of completely draining a target of blood with a much more complete, powerful bite which weakens the target considerably. Such a deep drink takes some preparation however, and you'll need to plan ahead!

Magical Combat Feat Line

  • (4th) Hemomancy - A whole new line of Vampiric Focus Spells that replaces any Focus Spells you had previously. You're now adept at casting blood magic.
    • Blood Grasp - The first Hemomantic spell you'll learn, you're able to sense and grasp the blood in your target, harming them from within.
  • (6th) Hemomancy Acolyte - Further sorcery with the blood leads to increased Hemomantic powers. Select one of the following each time you take this feat:
    • Hemomancy of Control - Control your enemies with Hemomantic Glare, feeding pain and terror from your vicious red eyes.
    • Hemomancy of Pain - Pick a target's arm or leg with Blood Betrayal and your victim's limb will attempt to rebel against it's very body, bleeding profusely over time.
    • Hemomancy of Power - For the Vampire who wishes to share their unique power, Seek Blood will imbue an ally with an irresistable blood lust, granting attack and damage bonuses to targets that with blood running through their body.
  • (10th) Lord of Hemomancy - Full control of the blood grants Master of Puppets, the ability to take control of a target through their bloodstream, and have them dance to your tune while your hold lasts.

Ultimate Feat Line

  • (16th) Blood Of The Ancients - Much study has lead to this - you, a small vial containing blood of one of the few ancient vampires, and a question. Will you drink it? On doing so you'll transform irreversibly, and slowly come to resemble the ancient Vampires themselves. Bat-like in nature, your Vampiric feats are empowered with greater lethality and growing strength, but at what cost? Dare you discover it?
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