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New feats, spells, effects, and actions for the Lich archetype in the Book of the Dead!

New groups of feats:

  • Combat feats that improve physical combat for Liches with new actions on the battlefield.
  • Otherwordly feat chain adds a whole new angle to Lichdom... And no more Soul Cage!
  • Rule element automation where necessary keeps the additions up to system standards!

Do you want to build your character around the Lich archetype as much as, or more, than your class?

Do you want your character to be a Lich first, and your class second? This module will give you the tools to do just that.

Combat Feats

  • (16th) Weapon Of Death - What is a reaper without a scythe? Scythe training for the Lich, and the innate ability to infuse any scythe with deathly capabilities.
  • (20th) Nihil Immensus - Unchained by the cycle of life and death... And now unchained by the shackles of a physical body. You are form only in spirit, clothed and dreadful, immune to the physical world.

Thematic Feats

  • (14th) Rejected Soul Cage - A whole new chain of Lich feats that prevent the use of any feats relating to Soul Cages... Because you won't have one!
    • Extraplanar Speech - The exposure to your soul's guardian continues to twist you in it's own odd ways, with a new language, and a new action to use it with.
    • Primordial Lichdom - Instability, chaos, unknown. Powerful, different, timeless. You've gone too far down the path of the Great Old One now.

Magic Feats

  • (14th) Twisted Cycle - The ability to see, twist, and bend magic to your dastardly will.
  • (14th) Studied Magics - New innate spells learned after much time spent researching the ritual in which you finally achieved immortality.

Utility Feats

  • (14th) Mask Death - Hide the effects of Lichdom from the unsuspecting public - after all, you don't intend to frighten them all to death.
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