PF2e Heroic Crafting Automation

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[PF2E] Heroic Crafting - Automation

A companion module for the Heroic Crafting Foundry module, based on the supplement on Pathfinder Infinite of the same name.

Check out the original Pathfinder Infinite product here!


Beginning and Crafting Projects

The module introduces a new interface in the Crafting tab on the Player Character sheets where the player can keep track of their projects.

The formulas "Known Formulas" entry gain a new "Begin Project" button with the icon of a scroll, and a new entry is created called "Projects" for projects in the process of being crafted.

Clicking "Begin Project" will allow the player to set a starting Current Value for the project, and determine how they will pay for it.

"Coins only" and "Material Troves only" use only the specified method to craft. "Coins, then Troves" will attempt to pay for it with coins first, then takes value away from troves if its not enough, and "Troves, then coins" is the reverse of that.

Crafting a project, done by clicking the hammer icon at the end of a project's row, uses a similar interface. The player has the option to input a crafting duration (the skill check's trait can change from exploration to downtime depending on the duration set), and an overtime penalty.

When the player rolls the check using the popup above, the result is output into a chat message, with a button that can be used to automatically progress the project's status.

If the project's Current Value is ever above the Price of the project, the project is deleted and the item is created. If it ever dips below 0 gp of Current Value, the project is also removed.


The module comes with a foraging macro that calculates the results for you -- though the DC cannot truly be secret at the moment because of Foundry limitations.

Heroic Crafting module support

If you have the Heroic Crafting module, this module will extend support wherever possible if you have the appropriate feats.

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