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This module integrates and automates the Hero Deck actions into the PF2e system.

It adds a new section in the Actions tab of the character sheet where a player can Draw, Discard or Use Hero Actions in concert with the regular Hero Points.

It works as follow:

  • If the character has more Hero Points than Hero Actions, the player will be asked to Draw new Hero Actions to fill in.
  • If the character has more Hero Actions than Hero Points, the player will be asked to Discard the excess of Hero Actions.
  • Otherwise the player will have the opportunity to Use any Hero Action that is available to them, doing so will also spend one Hero Point from the character pool.

Unique draw pool

By default, characters will draw randomly from a Hero Action table without regard for which actions have already been drawn before.

If you want to have an unique action pool from which the actions are "removed" on draw until the pool is emptied (at which point, the pool will be refilled), you need to have a physical Table in your world.

Simply import the table from the compendium and uncheck the Draw With Replacement? option.

Custom table

You can also have your own Hero Actions and table to draw them, to do so, you will need valid journal entries (in your world or in a compendium) and a table used to draw them.

Because the module cannot infer which table you are using in the case of a custom table, you will need to provide its UUID manually in the settings, to do so, open your table and Right-Click on the 📔 next to its name in the title bar, this will copy its UUID to your clipboard.


Characters can trade `Hero Action` between each others.

If the initiating player is the owner of both characters (or is the GM), the trade will automatically be accepted.

The owner of the character traded with will receive a request popup and can accept or refuse the deal offered. If the player is not online, the GM will receive the request instead.


Table Creation

A macro has been added to the compendium to help you setup up your table.

You will be prompted with the option to create a Default or Custom table and if this table should or not use the Unique Draw feature.

When using that macro, the table will be created into your world with an obvious name and its UUID will also automatically be added to the settings.

Remove Hero Actions

A macro has been added to the compendium to help you remove all the actions present on the Characters of your world.

You will be prompted with the list of the Characters from whom you want the actions to be removed.


A set of functions is exposed from the module to be used by third parties:

 * Retrieves the API object containing the funtions

 * @param {CharacterPF2e} actor
 * @returns {Array<{ uuid: string; name: string }>} the actions on the actor
function getHeroActions: (actor: CharacterPF2e) => Array<{ uuid: string; name: string }>

 * Will consume a hero point and remove the action from the actor
 * Displaying a ChatMessage with the details
 * @param {CharacterPF2e} actor
 * @param {string} uuid of the action
function useHeroAction: (actor: CharacterPF2e, uuid: string) => Promise<void>


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