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This module contains additional content for the PF2e system on Foundry.

The goal of this module is to collect professional quality content from third parties.  Many of the contributors to this content have released work for Paizo, either directly as employees or as contractors.

If you like this content please support these creators by buying their content at the links included in the contents section. If you already own them, consider making a donation to a local food bank, animal shelter, Modest Needs, or Doctors Without Borders.

Module Contents:

Pnoll Ancestry by Logan Bonner

The Pnoll is a new ancestry designed by Pathfinder Lead Designer and published at Drive Through RPG by Logan Bonner Games. Logan was kind enough to give permission for his work to be distributed in this module. If you like this please go here and purchase the PDF to get all the excellent art and support charity.

Rabbitfolk Ancestry, Dragonkin Heritage, Ancestry Exemplar Feats, and Lineage Feats by Luis Loza

The Rabbitfolk is a new ancestry designed by Paizo developer Luis Loza and published by Novacat Games. Dragonkin is a versatile heritage that any ancestry can take to gain a breath weapon, flight, or even attacks of opportunity! Luis generously allowed me to add his work to the module. Be sure to visit Luis' blog to see all the other content, and here to get a copy of the Rabbitfolk PDF for yourself, or visit Pathfinder Infinite to grab a copy of the Dragonkin PDF. Also consider supporting Luis on Patreon.

Nashi Ancestry, Yroometji Ancestry, Tanuki Bloodline, and more by Alexander Augunas

Nashi is a new ancestry by Everybody Games' Alexander Augunas. Nashi are racoon or tanuki folk who specialize in crafting their own weapons, including firearms! This release includes the Ancestry and class options from the books, equipment will come in a later update. So if you want to play as a gun-wielding genius racoon then get your copy of the Files for Everybody: Nashi PDF at DriveThroughRPG or OpenGamingStore.

Yroometji is another new ancestry, bound across the battlefield as a kangaroo-folk. Mark yourself with ancestral paint to gain new reactions, combine leaps and strides to cover vast distances, or spring forward off your tail to deliver devastating attacks! This release includes the ancestry, dozens of pieces of new equipment, a new druid order, monk feats, and ranger edges. Get your copy of the Files for Everybody: Yroometji PDF at DriveThroughRPG or OpenGamingStore.

Mephians is the latest ancestry by Alexander, skunkfolk who use their musk for defense, offense, and social interactions. Dampen incoming attacks with your bushy tail, utilize a huge array of natural attacks, and blind your foes with a well timed spray. This also includes all the class options such as the guardian instinct for barbarians, aromachologist alchemist field, godless cleric, dandy rogue racket, new feats for bards, and the muskologist archetype as well as alchemical perfumes that can used to buff or debuff. Get a copy of the Mephian PDF at DriveThroughRPG

32 New fighter class feats, including the ability to grant your allies your weapon proficiency briefly, intimidate with your weapon prowess, wield a greatsword one handed, and more! New Exhaust actions let you exceed your limits briefly, recovering only after spending time. Get your PDF now at DriveThroughRPG

New rituals by Alexander Augunas. Split a creature into multiple lesser versions of itself, sacrifice your youth to sunder even the toughest magic, put a creature into a restorative rest, and more! Get your PDF at DriveThroughRPG

Also by Alexander Augunas: The Pugilist archetype! Play a brawling focused character entering stances focused on staying mobile and defensive, striking when you have an opening. Knock your enemies senseless with an uppercut, or change the critical specialization effects of your unarmed strikes to match your fighting style. Get your Pugilist PDF at DriveThroughRPG.

Skill Feats by Dustin Knight

Dustin Knight has a series of skill feat books for Everybody Games, this version of the module includes his work on Acrobatics, Medicine, and Stealth. If you've ever wanted to surf your shield across a lake of lava, convert your fall damage into a devastating pounce, quickly conceal the dagger you just stabbed with, smoke bomb your way out of sight, or use your knowledge of acupuncture to sicken your foes then these skill feats are what you want! Get your copy of the PDFs here:

Felsine, Merfolk, and Bugbear Ancestries by Shawn Pommier

Felsine is a new ancestry from An Eldritch Dreams Games. Felsine, or "Kittfolk", are small sized feline humanoids who can specialize in healing their allies, cursing their enemies, or using their signature Battle-Horn as both a weapon and instrument. Get your copy of Felsine now at!

Bugbear is a playable version of the classic monster. Set up terrifying ambushes, shrug off your own fear, or simply show the world that not all of your kind are thoughtless brutes. Get a copy of the Bugbear ancestry now at, and expect more AEDG content coming in future updates!

Merfolk is a perfect addition to your aquatic campaign. Grant your land-dwelling allies water breathing, hold extra weapons in your many tentacles, or bring the sea with you into the battlefield! Get a copy of the Merfolk Ancestry PDF at

Additionally, look for Shawn's work which has been published in Battlezoo Bestiary!

New Spells by Thilo Graf

Change into a giant octopus, leave trails of fire behind you as you move, enchant your rogue's thieve's tools to be used at a distance, surround an opponent in razor winds, and much more! This release includes new spells for every tradition, and multiple new cantrip options. Get your copies of the PDFs:


Once enabled in a world it will add new compendiums, all beginning with "Expansion -".

Game Icons

Additional icons were created on Thank you to the artists who provide their work under CC licenses so projects like this can be done freely.

  • Rabbit head, Cat, Kangaroo, Mermaid, and Raccoon head icons by Delapouite
  • Direwolf, Cat, and Imp Laugh icon by Lorc
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