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Included Content

  • 4,200 magic items
    • Including ammo, rods, weapons, armor, artifacts, cursed items, staffs, and wondrous items
  • ~2,000 non-magic items
    • Includes adventuring gear, alchemical items, animal gear, black market, clothing, books, food/drink, herbs, kits, lodging/services, mounts/pets, spellbooks, tools, transportion, and vehicles.
    • These items are split between two compendia: PF-Items and PF-Goods and Services. The PF-Goods and Services compendium contains animals/mounts/pets, along with animal gear, food/drink, herbs, lodging/services, clothing, books, spellbooks, transportion, and vehicles. While the PF-Items compendium contains the adventuring gear, alchemical items, and tool.
  • Several Merchant NPCs and roll tables have been added.
    • They have the bulk of the non-magicical items listed above (I'm still adding to some of them).
    • By default, they are set as pf1 system loot sheets. If you have the Loot Sheet module, you can easily convert the sheet type and turn them into proper Merchants that players can use.
  • 3,501 feats
  • 2,034 traits and 1,214 alternative racial traits
  • 4,727 Class Abilities (Arcane Discovery, Domains, Talents, etc.)
  • 147 Universal Monster Rules
  • 177 Familiars and 209 animal companions, along with Eidolon forms and evolutions
  • 333 Weapon and Armor Special Qualities
  • Technology weapons, armor, and items
  • Random Magic Item rollTables 
  • Others:
    • 160+ buffs and variants
    • Traps, Haunts, Madness, Curses, and Diseases.

  • Rule Compendium
    • PF-Rules
      • Contains most of the rules for Basic Play, Combat, Environment, Exploration, Items, Magic, and Skills
      • Also includes GM Quick Reference compendium for aiding GM's with commonly used tables
    • Kingdom Building
      • Including an organized journal sheet for the tracking and use of kingdom buildings in Foundry
      • Also includes a custom map and tokens for use as District Grid and Buildings.


Read Me

If you notice missing items or errors, please open an issue or pm me on Discord (fadedshadow589#8270).

These compendiums are not perfect. Except for buffs, none of them contain all the appropriate changes to attacks, armor bonuses, etc. However, the item description and all relevant info needed to make them are should be included.

Before altering any of the compendium databases, it is strongly recommended you create a personal copy of each to prevent the originals from being overwritten.

3.5 feats and traits are in a separate compendium. They are enabled by default and can be manually disabled.


Kingdom Building


Includes a sample District, Building tokens created using game-icons, along with a few terrain tokens created in photoshop. If you would like to have better art included, or have any feedback, feel free to message me on discord or submit changes through Let's Contribute!


Planned Features/Additions

The following represent some of the planned features I intend to impliment:

- Deities
- Occult Rituals
- Additional buffs/debuffs
- Other GM Resources and Tools
- Summoned Monsters
- Potential Journal packs for Occult Adventures, Planar Adventures, Ultimate ___, etc..



  • Traps
  • Technology
  • Haunts
  • Madnesses
  • Curses
  • Poisons
  • Familiars and Companions
  • Eidolons
  • Diseases
  • General rules compendium
  • Racial traits
  • Mythic Adventures
  • Horror Adventures


Want to Help?

If you would like to help, you can do so through Let's Contribute feature (part of the Data Toolbox module) for both PF-Content and PF1e Archetypes. If you have made Changes to any of the items added by this module (Changes, better icons, fixed typos, tags, grammar), you can upload those changes by clicking the icon in the top left corner.
I will be regularly checking and merging changes people submit.



For submissions that include changes to more than Changes or Context notes, use No Initiative. If you are only adding Changes and Context notes, you can select the Changes and Context Notes initiative.

Alternatively, you can open an issue if you find a missing item, or an error. If you have changed/fixed multiple items, you are welcome to either send me the updated .db file or do a pull request so that I can try to merge your changes. See for [Change Formula]( for details and information on Formulas (Alternatively, this is also contained with pf-content, under the GM Quick Reference module (Change Formulas).

If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas, you are welcome to message me on Discord (fairstrides) or join the PF-Content Discord server:



To install through Foundry, click on the Add-on Modules tab, then the Install Module button, and search for Pathfinder 1e Content.



These items were converted to foundry with the help of Data Toolbox for FoundryVTT by Sven Werlen, and the following excel sheets by Mike Chopswil.

Monster Stat blocks

Magic Items:


Big Thanks for Helping Contribute

Websterguy, apetina, david (aka claudekennilol), moorepants, ACorania



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