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View card images beautifully in a 3d-feel viewer, flip the cards over to view the card art or read the card stats, and even share this beautiful view with your players on the fly.


After setting up a deck of many things in one of my games, I found there wasn't great out-of-the-box way to simply view and share a card. Taking visual inspiration from a popular 5e toolset, I ported their card viewer UX over to the Foundry system. Now, I can view cards beautifully in a 3D-feel viewer, flip the cards over to view the card art or read the card stats, and even share this beautiful view with my players on the fly.




v10 and up. This was built on Foundry VTT version 11 and, based on initial user feedback, appears to be currently mostly compatible with v10 but may have some bugs. As for compatibility with other modules, none have been tested, but the functionality of this mod doesn't mess with the core card system and only serves to enhance the UI in exactly one way, so I doubt there will be many conflicts. If you come across any issues in v10 or with mother modules, please feel free to log in the github issues section.


A demo showing how to view a card from a deck, flip it, share it, dismiss it, and what output to expect in the DM chat:

orcnog-card-viewer demo

A quick demo showcasing 2 macros that will draw a random card from a given deck and discard it, or peek at a card without drawing it:

Orcnog Card Viewer Macros Demo


  • Enable clickable card icons - Enable/disable clickable card icons in Sidebar Card Stacks.
  • Enable display on deal - Enable/disable displaying cards when they are dealt.
  • Enable whisper card details to DM - Enable/disable whispering card details to the DM on view.
  • Default card border width - Configure the default border width on displayed cards.
  • Default card border color - Configure the default border color on displayed cards.
  • Default card back image - Configure the default card back images viewed as cards.


This module comes with a few helper macros included in a compendium. You will need to import to customize them.

  • Draw a Card
  • View a Card
  • View an Image as a Card
  • Draw and show a card in a regular popout (does not require this module)

See macro instructions, API, and more in the README.

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