Open Legend RPG

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Open Legend RPG

An implementation of the Open Legend RPG system.

Open Legend is a tabletop roleplaying game in which the players play the part of mighty heroes and wicked villains in order to tell stories of epic proportion. In each game of Open Legend, the intrepid characters will fight mythic beasts, break ancient curses, unravel mysterious enigmas, discover treasures untold, and more.

Open Legend is designed for players who want enough rules to make a game fair, but not so many that the rules interfere with the fun or imagination. Open Legend provides a way to make sure that the game is balanced while adjusting the story of character abilities on the fly. The rules should be robust, but their only value is in telling a story.

For example, Open Legend’s streamlined systems for secondary effects (banes) and multi-target attacks mean that all characters use the same mechanics to craft unique attacks. In a fantasy campaign, an elemental mage might blast a fork of lightning to damage and stun his foes. A star trooper in a far future campaign might shoot an energy beam to create the very same effect. The rules for both attacks are the same regardless of the story you are using the mechanics to tell.


  • Compendiums with all standard Banes, Boons, Feats, Flaws, and Perks available (as well as a subset of rules and GM aids)
  • Intelligent character and NPC character sheets
    • Auto calculating fields (attribute dice, defenses, xp/leveling, ...)
    • Drag and droppable Feats, Boons, Banes, and Items
    • Rollable fields (attributes, actions, initiative)


  • Easy customizability
    • Designed to allow for user-level customization of all aspects of a character (Actions, Feats, Items, etc.)
  • Ability to create Weapons, Armors, and Consumables
    • Due to Open Legends unspecified domain, no default items are included as compendiums. But they are easily creatable by your GM to fit with the setting of your game
  • Any rollable field on the character sheet can be dragged and dropped onto the hotbar for quick access


Example Character Sheet

Example NPC

Example Bane



Original system and all versions prior to 3.0 created by Beenrak

Version 3.0 funded by Nightsky

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