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Ocean of Greed

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Minimum Core0.0.0
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Last updated7 months ago
Created1 year ago
Systems Dnd5e
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Sail Across the Ocean and Plunder Unfathomable Riches

Ocean of Greed is a Fifth Edition adventure optimised for three to six characters of 8th level. Full of treasure, blood, pirates, mobsters, and one angry Treasure Golem.

For this new year I have taken a good resolution, I’ll become a pirate. The sea, the plundering, the treasures, the law enforcers knocking on my door….
Change of plan.
I’ll be a pirate in D&D, seems more reasonable, and I’ll share the adventure with you !

This adventure starts off as a chance encounter for players, or could be launched because they heard a rumour about an old pirate. It will take them through crowds of angry mobsters and across the ocean, to gamble on a giant ship-casino. It can be adapted to fit any campaign, and works great as a side quest if you need more time to prep your main campaign, or need a reason to give gold to your players. It fits so long as illegal gambling and pirate ships exist in your world !


While in a port town, the players get approached on the street by an old hooded figure, who tells them to meet him in a nearby alley. Nothing shady about this. They'll then learn what it meant to be a pirate, and be taken on a revenge story that will teach a lesson to lawless newcomers. The promise of F U amounts of money awaits !


MonkeyDM built all of these features and benefits into the adventure:

  • Custom Cartography. CzePeku designed these maps from scratch, for an awesome experience.
  • Unique Monsters & Boss. Each creature has its stat block and tokens loaded into the game, for you to run it faster.
  • Prepared Macros. Save time GMing, we've implemented custom macros for each monster to save you time rolling initiative and saving throws.
  • Professional Artwork. High quality and original artwork for you and your players to enjoy.
  • Set Dynamic Lighting. Experience all of the power held within Foundry with full dynamic lighting already laid out.
  • Epic setting. Thanks to its adaptable nature, this adventure fits into any setting, so long as forests are part of your world.

Quick Guide

System: DnD 5E
Starting Level: 8
Length: 3-5 hours
Sheet: DnD 5E 

Bug and Technical Issue Reporting

If you encounter any bugs or technical issues with this adventure or any other MonkeyDM adventure, visit the Bug Report Page and let us know!

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