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Nordlond Bestiary

Latest version1.4.0
Minimum Core9
Compatible Core9
Last updated10 months ago
Created2 years ago
Systems Gurps
Dependencies GURPS 4th Edition Game Aid (Unofficial)
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The Nordlondr Ovinabokin

The Nordlond Bestiary and Enemies Book Monster Actor Module

Surrounded by the Dragongrounds, the Frostharrow, and the wild sea, Norðlond has always been a land of danger and adventure.

This module provides nearly 200 creatures, both mundane and magical, all converted to be fully compatible with the Dungeon Fantasy RPG, Powered by GURPS.

(Without much effort, these creatures are usable in any campaign, of course...such is the beauty of being Powered by GURPS, after all!)

From the smallest pixie to the largest giant, you’ll find it inside. Norðalfar and Eðlufólk, Ormur and Falleglyigi. And of course dragons.

Within this module find:

  • All entries fully statted out in an easy-to-read layout for quick reference
  • Tokens for each creature featuring art from the published book
  • A shareable image, complete with size reference, to convey just how much trouble the delvers are now in.


Purchase Page on GamingBallistic's MyShopify Page

Active Link Pending Kickstarter Fulfillment!

The VTT Package is currently being delivered to the original Kickstarter backers for the Nordlond Bestiary and Enemies Book. Once that is complete, the store page will go live and new purchases enabled! Thanks for your patience as we work through this process.

Check Out the GitHub Support Page!

The Nordlond Bestiary module contains support for roughly 200 creatures, including animals, NPCs, and of course, hostile monsters.

When the module is installed, you'll get to use the Bestiary creatures complete with tokens, statistics, and clickable features.

Each has the key information presented to the GM:

Clickable GM Information Card

And the Share button gives the players a view of what they're facing. When a creature isn't "human" scale, it is displayed with a silhouette of "Ylsa the Barbarian," who is 5' 9" (175 cm) tall for reference.

Shared Fighter Preview








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