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Nightmare Fuel Bestiaries

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Nightmare Fuel: Foundry Module

Serpents of Legend, The Bugstiary, and Garden of Evil Monster Actor Module

  • Nightmare Fuel provides three themed books of monsters: Serpents of Legend (40 pages), The Bugstiary (36 pages), and Garden of Evil (20 pages). Each book is presented in a very similar fashion to the Nordlond Bestiary, with background, abilities, stats, and each creature having its own custom artwork.
  • Serpents of Legend contains more than 20 different snake-themed monsters, from Amphisbaena to hydras to the snakebear (complete with special bonus snake)
  • The Bugstiary delivers the bee-maiden and the void wasp. Plus three convenient sizes of murder hornet. And more, not to exclude ant-folk and beetle-people!
  • The delvers start to look a lot like plant-food as they stroll through the Garden of Evil. From animated plants to the treeherd, from active threats to foliage that acts more as a trap to the unwary, this volume delivers.


Within this module find:

  • All entries fully statted out in an easy-to-read layout for quick reference
  • Tokens for each creature featuring art from the published book
  • A shareable image, complete with size reference, to convey just how much trouble the delvers are now in.


Purchase Page on GamingBallistic's MyShopify Page


The VTT Package is currently being delivered to the original Kickstarter backers for the Nordlond Bestiary and Enemies Book. Once that is complete, the store page will go live and new purchases enabled! Thanks for your patience as we work through this process.


Check Out the GitHub Support Page!

The Nordlond Bestiary module contains support for roughly 200 creatures, including animals, NPCs, and of course, hostile monsters.

When the module is installed, you'll get to use the Bestiary creatures complete with tokens, statistics, and clickable features.


Each has the key information presented to the GM:

Clickable GM Information Card

And the Share button gives the players a view of what they're facing. When a creature isn't "human" scale, it is displayed with a silhouette of "Ylsa the Barbarian," who is 5' 9" (175 cm) tall for reference.

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