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Night Owl Odysseys - Bed, Bath, and Beyond the Grave

Latest version1.0.0
Minimum Core9
Compatible Core9
Last updated8 months ago
Created8 months ago
Systems Dnd5e
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The Sapphire Grove Inn is a cozy little bed and breakfast just off the beaten path in the Western Hills. From the beautiful sunsets easily viewable from the grand sitting room to its two welcoming and hospitable hosts, everything about the place makes it seem like it should just be booming with business. So why isn't there another soul staying at the hotel? Stick around and you'll just be dying to get to the bottom of this mystery!


Bed, Bath, and Beyond the Grave is a Fifth Edition adventure designed for four to six characters of 1st to 4th level and is optimized for four characters with an average party level (APL) of 3.

This module contains: 

  • 8 journal entries that will guide you through the adventure
  • 4 new spooky monsters to haunt your party with
  • 3 hand-drawn scenes for your party to explore
  • 3 new magic items pertinent to their quest
  • A new looping music track to use while your players try to escape the Sapphire Grove Inn's clutches!


Bed, Bath, and Beyond the Grave adventure module is available only for supporters of Night Owls Odysseys who are subscribed at the $10 per adventure Twilight Tutor tier. Users who have subscribed must link their Patreon account to their account on The Foundry Virtual Tabletop Website.

Installation Steps:

  1. Link your patreon account by clicking the Patreon banner at the bottom of the Edit Profile section of your user profile (also accessible by clicking your name in the upper right corner of this page). After linking, you should see the content show up in a list on the Subscribed Content section of your user profile.
  2. Open Foundry Virtual Tabletop and change to the "Add-on Modules" tab and click "Install Module". Bed, Bath, and Beyond the Grave will appear as an installable option under the Premium Content category.
  3. Click "Install", once installation is complete the module can be activated in any of your available game worlds.
Bed Bath and Beyond the Grave CoverBed Bath and Beyond the Grave Promo
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