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Mutant: Year Zero Core Rules

Latest version12.0.0
Minimum Core0.8.6
Compatible Core9
Last updated2 weeks ago
Created2 years ago
Systems Mutant-year-zero
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Mutant: Year Zero Core Rules

Winner of the Silver ENNIE Award for Best Rules
Awarded Best RPG at UK Game Expo
"Probably the best post-apocalyptic RPG on the market. Full stop."
–RPGNet review
"Mutant: Year Zero is an exceptional roleplaying game, and if you’re the least interested in this kind of entertainment you should buy it immediately."
–The Piruett scifi and fantasy blog

About the Module

Mutant: Year Zero goes back to the origins of the Mutant franchise: role-playing after the Apocalypse. In this game, you play as one of The People – heavily mutated humans living in The Ark, a small and isolated settlement in a sea of chaos. The outside world is unknown to you, and so is your origin.

Mutant: Year Zero has two major game environments, each with its own style of play:

  • The Ark, your home in the dawnworld. A nest of intrigue and Lord of the Flies-style power struggles, it’s far from a safe haven. But it’s the only home you know, and just maybe the cradle of a new civilization. The game rules let you improve and develop the Ark in the areas of Warfare, Food Supply, Technology, and Culture. It is up to you, the players, to decide which projects to embark on.
  • The Zone, wastelands outside the Ark. You will venture into the Zone in search of food, artifacts, other mutants, and knowledge – not least about The People’s own origin. The game includes two maps of example Zones; London and New York and a plethora of tables and other tools to let the GM populate its sectors with mutants, deadly monsters and bizarre phenomena.

Where in the world the Zone and the Ark are located is up to you – why not play in a post-apocalyptic version of your own home town? The modular approach of this game lets you place all of the campaign material wherever you like.

This Module Contains

  • 236 journal entries (complete core rules, events, threats, special zones and the Path to Eden scenario)
  • 271 item entries (armor, weapons, artifacts, talents, Ark projects and more)
  • 78 actor entries (named and generic actors as mutants, threats, monsters)
  • 15 roll tables (mutations, critical injuries, artifacts, ruins, threats, scrap, and more)
  • 13 scenes — 5 Special Zone Sectors, 2 sample Zones (The Big Smoke and The Dead Apple), a blank Zone map, and 2 Path to Eden maps with included location notes and links to the scenario
  • Zone generator macro that can help you generate a zone sector quickly with all the details you need
  • Image and journal handouts for the Path To Eden scenario
  • 97 tokens created from the book art, and generic creature name tokens for creatures not depicted in the book

Purchase This Module

This module is to be used with the Mutant: Year Zero System.

Published by Free League Publishing.

Purchase at the Free League webshop.

© 2021 Cabinet Licensing LLC. MUTANT and related logos, characters, names, and distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks or registered trademarks of Cabinet Licensing LLC. Used with permission. All rights reserved.

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