Monster of the Week (PbtA)

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Compatible Core11.315
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Created1 year ago
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Systems Pbta
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An add-on module for Asacolips' Powered by the Apocalypse (PbtA) system for Foundry VTT to add the Monster of the Week playbooks and moves. It will also configure the actor and NPC sheets for Monster of the Week. The Character Sheet is available in English, French, German, Brazilian Portuguese and Swedish.

The module also includes playbooks from Monster of the Week: Tome of Mysteries, and MotW: Hardcover Edition, plus Special (Luck) Moves, More Flexible Investigations, and Alternative Weird Basic Moves.


  • Dependencies

The following Foundry VTT game system must be installed first: [Powered by the Apocalypse] by Asacolips.

  • Install

To install and use this module, simply find it and download it in the **Install Module** dialog on the Setup menu of the Foundry VTT application.

!DO NOT! use this module at the same time as similar Add-on modules as this may cause loops and other unwanted effects.

  • Uninstall

When removing this module from your game world, the settings in the "System Settings" page will remain. You can change them individually or use the "Reset to Defaults" button at the bottom of the page to revert everything back to it's default state in the PbtA system.


  • This module has been made possible with the kind and express permission of Michael Sands.

  • Monster of the Week is created by Michael Sands. Monster of the Week is copyrighted by Evil Hat Productions, LLC and Generic Games.
  • Tome of Mysteries text and artwork are copyright © 2018-2019 Michael Sands, Generic Games, Evil Hat Productions, LLC and their respective creators.

  • The Powered by the Apocalypse system for Foundry VTT is created and maintained by Asacolips.

Additional credits

  • For Tome of Mysteries [ToM]: The Gumshoe (Mark Tygart), The Hex (Bruno Dias), The Pararomantic (Michał Werder), The Searcher (Michael Sands).
  • For Monster of the Week Hardcover Edition [HE]: The Snoop (Michael Sands), The Spooktacular (Michael Sands).
  • French translation by TooPick (Alexandre SANIGOU) and DjLeChuck, German translation by benjin and HAL325. Brazlilian Portuguese translation by mclemente. Thank you all!


  • This module is for use with with Monster of the Week by Michael Sands and is used under Generic Games' [Third Party License].
  • MIT License - Copyright (c) 2023 Rangertheman


  • Despite the approval, please note that this is not an official product of Michael Sands, Evil Hat or Generic Games. I assume full responsibility for its functionality.
  • Any suggestions or feedback are greatly appreciated. Please use the issue system.
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