Monk's Common Display

Latest version1.0.12
Minimum Core9
Compatible Core9
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Created1 year ago
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Dependencies Library: DF Hotkeys
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Monk's Common Display

A module for those people who use remote display.  Removing most of the UI while providing functionality of screen movement mirroring and automatic closing of images and combats.



Using the common display toolbar, you can change settings, clear any open images on the display screen, or toggle the display screen mirroring your actions.

Changing the settings will let you select which player is to be used as your display player. You can also set if the player is capable of mirroring the GM's screen. So when screen mirroring is turned on, it will only affect displays that allow it. You can also clear images for individuals using this window.

Pressing the clear images button on the main tool bar will clear any open images for display players.


Toggling the Mirror Screen button will allow your position and scale to be mirrored on the common display. This can be toggled off so that you can move the screen somewhere else. The M key is also set as the hotkey for toggling that setting. This can be changed in settings.


Toggling the Mirror Selection button will allow you to mirror the tokens that are selected on the common display, so you can show your players what their view looks like.


You can also configure if you want the side menu to show with the chat log. Or if you want the combat to be displayed. If combat is displayed, it will be automatically closed when the combat has ended.

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