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Meditating Munky - Temple of Lufreeti

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Temple of Lufreeti | Swamp Ruins

Deep inside a boggy area of Lefrik Forest lies the long lost Temple of Lufreeti. Ages ago the God of Luck and Fortune was sealed inside his temple by a cult of overly divine zealots who felt the wealthiest god of the realms was a blight on the world around him. To this day the location of his temple has been lost to time, though a group of scholars believe they have uncovered it's location. They will hire anyone to find this location so that they can uncover it's long lost fortunes. What will be uncovered when the party delves deep inside the temple? Will the God be angry or thankful?

What's in this Map Pack?

This map pack has 4 variations of the overland swamp entrance - Day, Night, Haunted, and Fire. The interior of the temple comes in a Blank and Furnished version as well (in case you don't want to show your party all that treasure).

  • 40x40 Swamp Map
  • Day, Night, Haunted, and On Fire versions
  • 43x43 Temple of Lufreeti with Blank and Decorated version
  • All maps configured with Walls, Dynamic Lighting, and Door Tiles that can be rotated when they are opened! Everything is ready to just add monsters and play!

Follow me on Twitter @MeditatingMunky and check out my Patreon where I post Daily Dungeons, and other content! Enjoy your adventuring and thank you for your support!

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