Koboldworks – Item hints for Pathfinder 1e

Latest version1.5.5
Minimum Core0.8.8
Compatible Core9
Last updated2 weeks ago
Created1 year ago
Languages English
Systems Pf1
Dependencies Pathfinder 1
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Adds small info boxes to character sheet items to aid with fast assessment of their features.


  • Adds small item hints to inventory, feats, and spells.
  • Some hints are turned into icons where possible to reduce space usage, but this can be disabled.
  • Items have their broken status, enhancement bonus, aura, mismatched size, and unidentified status shown.
    • Only broken status is shown if not identified and not GM.
  • Weapons also show their properties in expanded info box.
  • Feats and spells have their saving throw type (e.g. Reflex negates) stated if not harmless.
  • Magic items show their caster level and associated school when identified.
    • Magic items also have a glow from faint to strong based on caster level. Not an infobox, but it's there.
  • Classes show FCB choices.
    • Unused FCB bonus notification for classes that have at least some FCB used.
  • Some features can show a warning if they look suspect (too few FCB choices, too weak magic aura).
  • Items with Changes or Context Notes show approximations of what these affect.
  • Spell material component detail icon is shown.
  • Custom hints:
    • Shows hints stored in advanced tab dictionary flag with itemHints key.
      • Multiple hints can be inserted by separating them with semicolon (;).
    • The item hints have access to roll data via inline rolls.
  • Containers show value of their contents and number of items held.

Latest version (1.4.0)

  • New: Keys with CL option for iconized auras.
  • New: Nonlethal hint.
  • i18n: Iconized aura combobox is translatable.
  • Styling: Hint spacing is handled with flex gap instead of complicated margin rules.
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