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Milando's Guide to Magical Marvels

Latest version1.0.3
Minimum Core0.8.6
Compatible Core11
Last updated3 months ago
Created11 months ago
Systems Dnd5e
Dependencies Library: Scene Packer
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Magic is at the heart of every fantasy setting – and if the wizard thought they knew everything there is to know about magic in 5E D&D, it's time to prove them wrong!  

Milando’s Guide to Magical Marvels gives you everything you need to excite your players and breathe new life into your game with unique content revolving around three types of magic so far unexplored in 5E:

  • 6 Merchant NPCs – Enrich your game with Hexcrafters, Spellwarpers, and Runecarvers.
  • 35+ Dynamic Monsters & 30+ Monster Tokens – Including New Mounts & Companions.
  • 35+ Unique Magic Items – Including Upgradeable Set Items. 
  • 12+ Awesome Maps  – Set up with lighting, walls, and pre-placed tokens! 
  • Dark Magic  Hexes, Jinxes, & Dark Transformations for characters to become Liches, Lycanthropes, Shades, or Vampires.
  • Wild Magic –  Unstable Spellmarks for Player Characters plus an improved and fully automated Wild Magic Effects table.
  • Runic Magic – A Complete Runic Enchantment System with 20 Unique Runes.

Check out this sample to see a selection of the content in PDF format.

3 Ready-to-Play Adventures

The module also contains 3 new 5E adventures, each of which is packed with hours of play, exciting encounters, awesome maps, and unique NPCs – and can easily be fit into an existing campaign! 

  • Blood's Bond. In this adventure suitable for a party of 3rd- to 7th-level, the heroes must unravel a curse upon the peaceful village of Eldermill – an endeavor that has them seeking out a dark witch, contending with wild elves, and tampering with ancient, elven monuments.
  • Mythical Madness. In this adventure suitable for a party of 6th– to 10th-level characters, the heroes must figure out why magic has gone rampant in the city of Emberdusk – an investigation that pits them against evil cultists, spellwarped monstrosities, and more!
  • Runic Recovery. In this adventure suitable for a party of 9th- to 13th-level characters, the heroes must retrieve a legendary runestone from an abandoned runecarver enclave – an undertaking that pits them against brutal constructions, deadly traps, and runic puzzles as they uncover the twisted result of the runecarvers’ final experiment.

Foundry Features

The module leverages the features of the Foundry VTT software to make the user experience as smooth as possible:

  • Everything in this module is ready-to-play as is! Tokens have already been placed on the maps, all of which feature lighting and walls. 
  • Journal entries are equipped with dynamic links and guidance to make the module's content easy to navigate for the GM.
  • NPCs are preconfigured with abilities, equipment, and other special effects.
  • All magic items utilize the Magic Items module to help you keep track of custom charges and funky features – never has magic been easier! 


Milando's Guide to Magical Marvels is installed in a few simple steps:

  1. Open Foundry Virtual Tabletop and click "Install Module" on the Setup and Configuration page. Milando's Guide to Magical Marvels will appear as an option under the Premium Content category.
  2. Click "Install". If you don't have Scene Packer, you'll be prompted to activate the module before importing this module into your 5E world. We also recommend that you use the following modules: Compendium Folders, Magic Items, LibWrapper. However, these modules are not required for this one to run – they just add some extra features. 
  3. When you activate the module, Scene Packer asks whether you want to import all scenes at once or select specific scenes you want to import manually. We recommend that you import all scenes at once, but you can easily delete an entire type of entity imported by the module by selecting one or more of the folders it created using the tabs on your right side. 
  4. You are good to go – enjoy! 




Eventyr (ˈεːvənˌtyɐ̯ˀ) means adventure and that's what we're all about
– making 5E adventures easy and fun for both players and GMs!

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