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Meditating Munky - Wizards Tower

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Wizard Tower | Dynamic Dungeon - Add-on Set

While exploring the Archmunky's Wizard Tower, I pondered to myself through meditation... How many steps must a Mage walk down before you can call them a Mage? If I drop an Orange and a Banana out of the window will they both splatter? Where does this portal actually go to? Why build a Tower on a Floating Island, isn't it already high enough? You can find all of these answers and more with the Wizard Towers Map Pack! Find the meaning to life as you explore 20 floors of this vertically modular architectural master piece. With 4 Map Bases and 16 Overlay Tiles in both day and night you are certain to make your campaign magical!

How Does This Tower Stack Up?

  • 4 Wizard Tower Map Bases - City Guard, Desert Oasis, Floating Island, and Necropolis Tower of Dooooom! Each sized at 30x40 grid units
  • 16 Vertically Modular Tower Overlay Tiles
  • Night and Day versions of each Base Map and Tile!
  • Portals, Dragon Shrines, and Steam Punkery Madness!
  • common rooms like Housing, Taverns, Library, and more
  • Arena Pit
  • All Maps configured with Walls and Light Sources on each map
  • All "middle floors" are set up as Tiles that can be dragged and dropped onto the base maps as well as are on subdivided scene pages set up and ready to go. This is to give the DM versatility in how they want to display their maps, and also make things easy and ready for use with other Modules that can aid them in the dirrection they want the floors to be ordered in. 

Follow me on Twitter @MeditatingMunky and Instagram or check out my Patreon for Maps, Tokens, and Adventures and so much more!

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