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Meditating Munky - Variety Pack 1

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Variety Map Pack

Players going left when you tell them the plot is to the right? Need some unusual Random Encounters to spice up your campaign? Sick of the same old dungeons, and need a variety of different scenes to keep your players on their toes? Maybe that's the problem, your players still have toes! You need to chop them off at the feet so they can't run away or go off track anymore! Well, I can't help you with the lobbing off of feet and toes, but I can help you with this Map Pack that contains 12 maps of a variety of shapes and sizes so that your campaign will never grow dull again! From prisons to temples to elemental portals, you will have a slew of new maps at the ready for when your players go off the railroad tracks!

Stop fooling around and give me a List of the Maps, Munky!

Ok, ok, here's a list:

  • Twin Temples - Two Temples side by side that mirror each other but with opposite themes (Choral and Lava)
  • Jail Break! - A large Dwarven jail map with a cell that has an exit to some caves for a great escape!
  • Rat's in a Basement - Oh, we all loved those level 1 "can you clear the rats out of my basement" missions. This one has a twist when they find out the rats are mind controlling cranium rats and that the entire mission was a trap to implant mind control devices into your players heads!
  • Skythorn Temple - A lovely Temple floating in the Sky! What could possibly go wrong?
  • Temple of the King - This map has some chambers that might not be fit for a king, but I wouldn't argue with him, based off of the screams coming from his basement. Who is he the king of anyways?
  • Chains of Time - A Cave map with a large abyss in the center with multiple islands off to the side held together by giant chains.
  • Cultist Dungeon -  Alarge catacomb style map with a huge lair in the end for an epic boss battle! Prisons, haunted chambers, and more! What does this lever do? Well I'm finna find out!
  • Illusinary Temple of Olesia - A large temple filled with illusionary rooms. Nothing is as it seems! Why is the ground talking to me? Must have been that potion you drank. Wait, who said that?
  • Cave Mines - A short and simple cave mine map with a chasm, some bones, and a place where someone very mysterious resides. What is he mining?
  • Sun Temple - Oooh it hurts my eyes! Too bright! Must spread the darkness!
  • Dungeon Ruins - Because you can never have enough of them.
  • Elemental Portal - A large map that has several rooms that lead to other dimensions... or to a rat's basement... Who knows. Walk through the shiney orb to find out more!

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