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Meditating Munky - Air Ships

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Airships & Zeplins

On the way to the Moon but your group needs a Rocket Ship to get them there? Well, there might not have been rocket ships in Fantasy per say, but there might be some Airships & Zeplins! This Map and Tile Pack brings you just that! Airships & Zeplins for your Fantasy and Steampunk games! 

What's in the set?

  • 6 Ships - Ace High, Flyleaf, Captains Blimp, Phoenix Flyer, Speed Zeplin, and The Stinger
  • Full Sized Map Tiles - for each ship with Top Deck versions (with and without top sails), Mid Deck, and Bottom Deck. Mid and Bottom Deck also has Blank and Decorated Versions. These are all sized to a 5 foot grid at 140x140 pixels per grid unit.
  • Assorted Ship Decorations - I included an assortment of Decoration Tokens with this set. None of these are newly created (most of these were included with other Ship Sets) but they should be useful with this set either way, and I included them so that you have something to decorate the Blank Versions with. Plus cannons. Everyone needs cannons. Looking at you folks who don't do gunpowder in your games.
  • Small Ship Tokens - I sized down all of the Ships to a Token Tile size that can be used for larger scale movement tracking. These ships are not sized to the 5 foot grid, but are instead meant to be tracked on a regional map. Sizes vary to snap to a square or hex grid at 2x2 or 2x3 units. 
  • Blank Sky Maps - I included 3 styles of Sky Maps: Peaceful Sky, Night Sky, and Chaos Sky. I also included an Animated map of the Peaceful Sky. These are all sized at 30x30 feet and are ready to add tokens or tiles to them for your own custom needs of aerial scene creating. 
  • Multi Level Maps - Each ship has a Map Page with the Top Deck, Middle Deck, and Lower Deck set up side by side with lighting and walls configured, and separated off on the same scene for easy on ship needs, and for when your players move around from floor to floor.

Watch Video. Much Wow. Too The Moon. 

Music in the video was created by McRoMusic! Check out their Patreon for more WOW

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