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Meditating Munky - Massacre at the Mithril Mines

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As you approach the mines, a quiet chill fills the air. The small storehouse just outside has already been ransacked and is completely empty… There is no sign of life to be found. The mine entrance looks like it has not been used in nearly a month. Cobwebs dance in the breeze around the entrance of the cavern as the echoes of silence shed from deep within...

You enter to find thousands of rock hard purple spiny egg sacks covering the walls... You then hear a loud bubbling pop followed by an echo of cracks and breaks from all around. A disgusting alien-like head of a worm slithers its way out of its shell and onto the ground. The two foot long hatchling sounds off an ear piercing shriek as it flops it's way towards you. As you look around you see dozens more coming out of their shells...

In this One Shot adventure your party will travel to a nearby mine that usually supplies the Empire with mithril ore, but has now suddenly become silent. The mine has been massacred by a Purple Worm who made the location her nursery for her thousands of eggs. Will your party clear the site so that it can once again provide the resources to the Empire for the ongoing war at hand? This adventure was designed for three to seven 3rd-level characters and is optimized for five characters with an average party level of 3 (APL). The adventure starts in Middle Guard, and includes random encounters with several maps and tokens on the travels to the Mine as well as a full guide to the Mines themselves and the NPCs they will find and be able to rescue and the events that will take place within.

*This adventure takes place in the Northern region of the Empire of Civule which is part of the Seventh Moon Adventures and the World of Celia setting, but it can easily be placed into any mountainous region of any campaign setting.

Quick Guide

System: D&D 5e
Recomended Average Party Level (APL): 3
Theme: Exploration and Dungeon Crawl investigation and rescue
Length: One Shot (4-8 hours)
Instalation: Add-On


  • Custom Maps. This adventure has four original high quality maps; One Regional Map, Two Random Encounter map locations, and One Large Cavern Mine Dungeon Map. Each map is set up with Wall Configurations and lighting, as well as the tokens needed for each area. 
  • Token Artwork. This Adventure includes 9 Colorful Monsters and NPC in the Top Down perspective.
  • Character Sheets. All NPCs and Monsters include character sheets, as well as new custom sheets for the Purple Worm Hatchling, variant Bandit sheets and a unique NPC sheet.
  • Special Items. This adventure contains two special items with handouts containing rules for the Lucky Horseshoe and the legendary Drakonston.
  • Full Written Adventure. This adventure contains a 13 page PDF as well as all text found in Journal tab that includes background lore about the Region and the Mines. The full guide to the adventure includes a Map Key referencing the GM Tool Markers on the GM Layer to help guide you through the Adveventure. This adventure is the one of many to come Adventures written for the Seventh Moon Adventures series set in the World of Celia, but are also designed to be setting agnostic and can fit into most popular or homebrew campaign settings.


Install this Add-On via the dropdown menu in the Game Addons section of the Game Details Page. Select Massacre at the Mithril Mines and click on the blue Add to Game button beside the drop-down menu.


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