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Visit other worlds with this free pack of ten battlemaps by Mark Drummond J. Discover a map of the stars in a long buried spaceship, delve into a cave shattered by an abberation, train at a quiet temple to the way of the sword, or simply relax in a magical sculpture garden. All these environments, plus several more, are waiting to be explored.

Mark Drummond J creates unique and otherworldly hand drawn battlemaps, perfect for your science-fantasy ttrpg campaign.
Featured releases also include an illustration of the map environment to set the scene for your players.


This pack includes -

Arboreal Outrider [29x48] - An organic plant/insect spaceship.
Arcane Research [22x22] - 4 floors of secretive experimentations and investigations into the arcane.
Ethereal Orrery [30x40] - A mysterious hologram in a buried starship under the crimson desert.
Fortress [30x30] - A transmuted metal personal fortress for a wizard.
Royal Warrens [30x30] - A royal sanctuary inside geometric caves.
RUIN City - Gates [23x27] - One of the many entrances into the city of RUIN.
Sculpture Garden [30x30] - A magically enhanced garden with a giant abstract sculpture.
Senate Chambers [45x40] - A gathering chamber for local leaders.
Shattered Mountainheart [26x32] - A cave shattered by an abberation, at the heart of a great mountain.
Sword Temple [34x48] - A quiet and isolated temple to the way of the sword.

If you enjoy these maps, please consider supporting Mark Drummond J on patreon for more maps and FoundryVTT content.

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