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Magic Items Vol.7 - Astral Adventures

Latest version1.1.0
Minimum Core0.7.4
Compatible Core0.8.9
Last updated9 months ago
Created9 months ago
Languages English
Systems Dnd5e
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Astral Adventures!

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Starforged Items to fill your games!

Ever stared up at the night sky and wondered "what would happen if I focused the pale light of those thousands of stars onto a tiny meteorite, trapped in a geostationary traction field, and threw in a bit of magic?" Neither did we until William "the star" Smith brought us a sample of his starforged weaponry! From dunamantic cloaks to black-hole spears to rifles powered by miniature stars, you're sure to be starry-eyed at this astronomical assortment of astral artifacts! Mr. Smith sure knows his stuff! Check out our ledger.

New Content for 5E!

This adventure brings you loads of new and exciting content!

  • 15 Unique Items
  • 33 Alternate Item Variants!

The Artists

Mo is a professional artist who has worked on numerous board games, books, and RPGs. He brings professional-level art to your VTT in these beautiful packs. Check our Patreon to see his items and monsters in action.

Max is a professional writer, published in 5e magazines and many more digital locations. He brings an in-depth knowledge of 5e mechanics and balance, as well as a whimsical flair for story-telling.



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