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The MAD Cartographer | Wild Woods | Battlemap Pack

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The Wild Woods theme from The MAD Cartographer! 


This module pack contains:

  • 40 unique battlemaps covering 10 map scenes complete with dynamic walling, lighting, and ambient audio


This map pack features a collection of forest caves, clearings, crossings and other POIs. All maps include a night variant, with some maps containing further variants. All maps are 140ppi webp images, for the best balance of quality & performance in a VTT setting.

Maps included in this product. Note - All maps in this theme include Day/Night variants:

  • Crater - An enormous footprint has been uncovered in the forest, leading into the deeper reaches where none dare venture. What caused this enormous print, and is it still nearby?
  • Water Cavern - A forested outcrop leads into a cave mouth that winds underground for a short distance until arriving at the mouth of a small water spring. A variant of this map includes the resident Water Weird who dwells within the spring.
  • Gauntlet - A thin winding forest path sank in the earth between high rocky cliffs. Atop the cliffs the forest stretches out in either direction. Variants of this map are available with/without a wooden bridge, and with/without the gantlet replaced with a fast-flowing river.
  • Maw - A huge cavern in the middle of a forest clearing, that has weathered away to have rocky protrustions that are disconcertingly tooth-like, giving the pit an impression of being a large fanged mouth. Variants of this map are available with several small streams flowing into the maw.
  • Crypt - A small crypt built into the side of a barrow deep within the forest. A secret door at the back opens up into a larger crypt complex, filled with sarcophagi - some undisturbed, others ransacked. A variant of the map features a magical warding effect on some of the sarcophagi.
  • Road Fork - A split in the road leads out of the woodland and into the hills nearby, with tall stone outcrops reaching up either side of the path. A variant of this map is available with a landslide having taken place, spilling debris over the junction and rendering the paths hidden. 
  • Troll Bridge - A wide river is spanned by a sturdy-looking wooden bridge, serene forest on either side. Beneath the North end of the bridge is a cave entrance, which leads into a carved-out lair for a Troll or other beast. Ransacked supplies, treasure, piled bones and discarded flesh decorate the lair.
  • Memorial - A forest clearing filled with poppies, which grew here after a tremendous battle some years ago. An enormous golden statue has been erected in remembrance of the struggle. A variant is available which shows the clearing during the conflict - with trenches, bunkers, and cannons pointed at an unknown assailing force.
  • Druid Forest - A patch of forest where the trees grow thinner and give way to open space. In the centre is a large circle of standing stones around a small, modest altar. In a thicked of trees nearby lies a small campsite with a giant enchanted leaf-bed, perhaps the Druid custodian of this circle. A variant of this map is available where the spirits of the forest are awakening and entwined around the standing stones at night.
  • Granny's Pie Shack - A house carved into the trunk of a giant tree, near a small brook in the forest. Granny has set up a pie shop here, and has constructed seating and lighting outside for the many customers she has visit on a daily basis. A herb garden rests to the side, whilst the kitchens are inside the tree. Those who find their way into the back of the store may find Granny's private quarters, including a ritual room and cages hinting at the sinister secret ingredient to her pies.

If you have any questions regarding with this module pack, or want to join the MAD community you can join our Discord server!

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